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Video games strike

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A collection of jokes about our favorite video games :)

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hint for metroid

use the super cannon,its easier than blowing holes through walls and getting a fly swatter...besides u have a super cannon attached to your armor


The animation was a bit choppy, but not horrible. Some funny stuff for sure. I only jsut recently played an old Metroid game, and whether or not it was intentional, the movement was funny for that skit. Thats basically how it goes in the game, she looks like she is hauling ass, but is still going at a snail pace, with all those damned rolling jumps.

Anyway, good work.

Pretty entertaining...

''Space fly swatter'' was good for a giggle. But why the heck was there a poster of Geert Wilders on the wall?


So much funny and true things. 8/10

It's not "god awful"...

But your delivery on comedy needs work.
Really only your pokemon and megaman is what impressed me everything else was mostly meh your zelda wasn't half bad either it got the point across.

But rating it any lower then seven is really a dick move..
I mean you did try your animation is good and it was clever thanks for this submission.