Ultimate Chess

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Hi, Newgrounds. I thought I would never have to say that, but long time no see. Anyway, many sleepless months went into making this one, so I really hope you like it.

So what is it about, you may ask? Well, what can possibly be more fun than chess pieces that come to life to beat the snot, blood and brains out of each other.

The game is entirely mouse operated.

In case you mess up, you can always "undo turn".

Can you see all 50 animations? The hardest ones to achieve are the best, for instance the king is badass when killing an enemy. If you click on the "executions" button in the main menu it tells you which ones you've seen and which ones you haven't.

I spent some time creating an entertaining in-game "chess rules" section, which thoroughly explains all the rules of the game on 14 pages. Hopefully, beginner and intermediate players will find it useful.


Wow, Daily First, Weekly 3rd in Games, Weekly 8th Overall, Monthly 8th in Games and more than 200K plays? You guys are amazing!

Thank you for playing, have fun and see you soon with a new submission :)

- Hristo Atanasov (RatherRandom)



This is ridiculously violent, i love it

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...Straight Ultra!...

...Love This Game...

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love it

i love chess and to see and play it like this makes love the game more. i play this game everytime i get on the computer. maybe next one can be mutiplayer???

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ooo yha

i beat it with the 2 fat rooks checkmating him

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Awesome game of chess

Overall it is epicly awesome but I would say one thing,

maybe in the screen where you can see which executions you've seen or not you should have the option of replaying all the ones you've seen already

(Also maybe have execution scenes when your pieces get killed... namely at times my queen was "shot" by a horse or impaled on her own sword by a horse...)

still awesome work with this game.

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RatherRandomReality responds:

Good observations, thanks!

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May 8, 2010
12:04 PM EDT
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