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Been awhile since I submitted somethin here. Schools been killin me!

This is a short thats going to be apart of hopefully a long series of shorts dedicated to the misadventures of this creature in his attempts to escape the forest. We'll see how it goes!

No replay button for artistic value or somethin like that ye

You all should check out the audio portal because there are some pretty nice tunes in there. All of the actual songs in this flash are straight from there and I feel its one of the more neglected areas of Newgrounds. Check the credits for the songs I used.

Hope you enjoy the movie!

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This is great artwork....thx.

Like the art!

Waiting for the conclusion. Kind of confusing looking creatures though.

Nice work

Really enjoyed it. Nice conduction of a flash without the use of voices.

And in regards to vashra13 commenting about your animation, whatever, you make what you want in your movies and if people don't like it they don't have to see the next one(s). I personally commend you for supporting the Audio Portal. My roommate doesn't understand my affinity for it. You did a great job incorporating it and bringing those artists in front of other NGers who probably had no idea the AP exists.


Weird but good.

This was a pretty odd flash you made at least with the character designs cause thy were seriously crazy looking monsters but still good animation regardless,i loved the music that went with this flash and all the sound effects was a nice touch so overall this was a strange yet enjoyable flash you made so keep up the great work.

Needs some buttons

You need add buttons that skip the intro and replay the animation.