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Not a Mario spoof. I use koopas and such to channel my comedy into. Not one Mario joke in sight.

Just a little anger I'm venting out about Hollywood creating unoriginal movies and how they probably come up with their ideas. Like Hot Tub Time Machine? WTF

No offense to any Newgrounders about the ending jokes. S'all good fun.




99% convinced a board meeting like this was how Sausage Party was conceived, but with more cannabis and even LESS talent.

An oldie but a goodie. Sad this is still relevant.

HAH! love it

Pretty awesome :) haha i loved the retardation of the main two guys. seriously i bet that's how it is in real life for them though

El oh el hilarious

Wow, this is just like how Hollywood works. wow.

and now: obligatory spoiler quoting!

Negative worm!

I'ma tumor, I'ma tumor, oh oh oh I'm a tumor.

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Eww... not sonic and amy...

lol pretty good episode. I love movies and understand some of the points you mention, however I don't remember many actors, so many of the jokes went over my head. But I won't grade it badly because of it. Also I loe the cast of sprites, my only complant about the movie is the out of place table and plant that was drawn, there are millions of spirites you could've used for it, but just a small complaint.

Keep up the awesome work!

The plot is pretty entertaining.

The voicing was decent, a little unprofessional at points since you were just using computer mics, but it was good enough for this flash. The sound maxing out or having static in the background is distracting.

The single sound track got annoying as well, try changing songs when you change scenes.

The animation was... pretty lame, but whatever, you put more work into the script than anything else. Perhaps spend more time on the background if it is going to be static, or have a looping background to make it more interesting for people (the meeting could have been on a plane?).

The only other glaring mistake that I found abhorrent was the spelling mistakes... That and not writing the subtitles to what was actually said.

Phallic not falac.
Tolkien not Tolken.
Happening not happenning
Negativity not negitivity.
Musician not musicain.
Schneider not Schneiter.

All this could have been caught with some proof reading; spend a half hour and watch your flash a couple times to catch mistakes.

Oh, and you occasionally censored "fuck" without caring that it was being said out loud, and other times completely forgot to censor it. Just inconsistency there, nothing big.

You have some good potential, to make a 4+ flash all you would have to do is spend more time planning your flash, detailing the animation, proofing your subtitles and cleaning up the voices.

EASTBEAST responds:

Made it in a day. Thanks for the review. Refer to my answer to the comment above you.

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May 8, 2010
12:15 AM EDT
Comedy - Original