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This is a spoof of the current Financial Reform Bill that along with being a Big Bank/Wall Street Bailout also gives more control of the internet to the FTC to ban and block those sites they don't like simply by restricting their bandwidth usage in the name of "the greater good"

An eCongress is part of the solution by relocating US Reps to our Local Districts, US Senators to our State Capitals, and State Reps and State Senators to our City Halls/Courthouses to securely telecommute for no less than 75% of their terms to increase voter access and stop corrupt legislation like this Finance Deform from ever becoming law.

And yes, some don't political stuff on this site and others feel the same way about anime so deal with it.


Its an ad..

Interesting form of advertisement. I mean i'd seen it before just not as a submission...

Sucks hearing what ppl think of these things huh? They either hate you or don't care

eCongress responds:

Yeah, it's technically an ad, but for a semi new form of government, not a new car or microwave.

I'm posting to simply see the specific reaction, I'm not expecting a huge response or anything.

a matter of opinion

graphics: Not all the great at all, the only thing that really moved was the mouths, not really any detail graphic wise and no movement

audio: not the best really

scripting: you didn't really explain anything at all, most people on here have no idea what the reform will do so hardly anyone knows what's going on,

and i'm sure you don't know the financial reform bill through and through, political things like this can go one way or another, both have the pros and cons i.e. healthcare reform, everybody's covered despite re-exsisting conditions but we're afraid of the price tag, but with a healthier america, production of goods and healthier people will be able to work at jobs they couldn't otherwise tolerate might make up for the price of the health care reform.

But neither do I know everything bout this financial reform bill but to what we're told about this, it's to each's own opinion, an opinion ppl should make on their own...

eCongress responds:

There was a short window with a busy schedule to get this done so no argument on how basic the graphics and animation are. The audio was a converted mp3 to keep it below a 1MB otherwise it would have been 6MB all because of the .wav file.

True I haven't read the whole thing, but neither has really anyone else. The reform bill is 1500+ pages dealing with things way more complex than health care and yet it's got a far shorter window for debate.

The big parts of it though are obvious, they've stripped out AUDIT THE FED and empowered the Federal Reserve (private corporation functioning as a banking cartel presumed publicly to be a part of the government).

The Fed Reserve is why you have such wacky boom and bust economic cycles. Another wicked part is that it creates 20+ new regulations on small banks who had nothing to do with the crash.

These new rules will cost more to meet causing more of these small banks to fail so that it will again be the Big Banks/Wall Street Firms who buy them up so this bill in fact will empower the very some corps blamed for the collapse.

As for health care, it created a new 15% marriage tax on couples who don't stay single, and consistently it's been shown that people DO NOT GET HEALTHIER under this kind of health system.

Canada has a much lower cancer survival rate than the US even with early diagnosis as an example.

It would have been much easier to remove the ban on INTERSTATE COMMERCE to lower costs, improve care, and create jobs but there wasn't any big payoffs for mega companies.

But again time will show which path is correct.

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