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Archaic Moon Intro

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Just a little something for a college project. I wanted to show a range of different classes from your typical Rpg in action for an intro. This just shows a few of my own characters with their own abilities.

Due to the lack of time, it only scrapes 30 seconds, but hopefully ive put enough effort into backgrounds and such to help it stand out.

Took about 2 1/2 months. The song is 'Hero' by Machinae Supremacy.



What is the song??? it's freaking awesome.

Cool flash ....

Things are too static man!

You're slowly developing your eye for cooler shots for this kinda stuff, but it seems you're letting your animation hold you back. You gotta mess around with some serious frame by frame and this thing is gonna kick SO much ass

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SkyKitsune responds:

So your saying not enough animation here? Agreed.

I was panning to make it longer, but unfortunately with deadlines, had to cut its original leangth in half. Im glad you think Ive done well with the shots, I did my best to keep backgrounds alive and colourful. ^^

I liked it.

I think you should do a lot more with it. RPGs and MORPGs aren't really my thing, but I like the world you've made, and it would be fun to see characters in situations. The crazier, the better:)

SkyKitsune responds:

Glad you think that! Thank you very much. :]

Nice backgrounds

The backgrounds were pretty nice. There was some good frame by frame stuff in there with a nice small touch of motion tweens (or just manually resizing/rotating stuff). Those body shapes look kinda bad to me, but I guess that doesn't really matter if you're going for a cartoony look.

SkyKitsune responds:

Your right, my anatomy isn't exactly up to scratch, leaving my characters looking badly deformed and terribly drawn. I wasn't really aiming for realism, but then again that shouldn't be an excuse for laziness. Ill be sure to practice. :]

Thanks for the critisism anyway. Its much appreciated.


I want this to become a series!

Keep animating, dude!

SkyKitsune responds:

Ha, thank you very much. :]

Unfortunately though, im not planning to take this anywhere, unless I look back on it in future and mayby get a lot of insperation?

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3.55 / 5.00

May 7, 2010
5:17 PM EDT