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Well I knew this day would come. It's time for a new chapter of Sonic the sprite Flash Series, with Age of the Brotherhood.
It's all out war mobian vs Machine.
Sonics back with a new voice. Better than ever, The Brotherhood of Metallix are winning and unless he does something to turn the tide the future is looking bleak with no light at the end of this long, blood ridden road.

Please excuse the long loading times this is gonna be a big one lol

I promised you an established Voice actor who has worked on Sonic fan fiction flash before and I hope I didn't disapoint.
Please welcome Omahdon, the voice of Nazo from Nazo Unleashed.

Sonic: Sonicking
Tails: VoiceGirl
Amy: Rina Chan
Eggman: Viremaster
General: Akito Shikyoken
Cody: Milanous
Metallix Prime: Milanous

Note: For the full story see the previous installment RISE of the Brotherhood.


....u get the music from CA.....

kinda predictable drama......

it sucks

wtf sonic dont have a brother and who is cody

It lacked certain needed effects.

I don't usually watch Sprite animations, but when I do, I can be a bit picky. The first thing I noticed was when Sonic touches the ground from jumping, it's silent, even when he jumped the first time out of the plane. Little things like that affect my opinion. Overall, it was a decent flash. However the script seemed to cheesy to be serious. Sonic's voice is just..ugh when it comes to that. The whole Shut Up thing with him made me sort of cringe but, hey, everyone has there own Voice Acting ability. 4 is what I rate it.

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Milanous responds:

see this i can respect. Not so much him above.

Sonic isn't supposed to be all sad and brooding

i thought some os the dialogue was laughable for how serious is was trying to be and if cody was not a hegehog then what was he? and i thought g.u.n. was only human mambers.
sonic should be a fun universe where some douchbag named robotnic is trying so rull all...well at least there was no chris thorndike


You know, I find that I'm usually one with the main demographic on NG. If something has a good score, I like it. Your score would say that this is on a level of Super Mario Z.

It's not. It's really not. I'm disappointed. Your sprite work is lazy. Sonics fighting just looks lazy and there isn't enough sound effect to emphasize his attacks. At the beginning it was silent for a few hits. It's like you just forgot to put them in. When he ran towards the base, his feet weren't moving correctly either. Overall, I can't say I'm impressed.

The voice acting is what really got to me. Now look, I know there are no professional voice actors on NG. Fine, I understand. Lower standards accordingly. But take a look at some sprite animations. Power Star had some damn good voice acting. Submitted to NG, got a fantastic score. Dr. Eggman and Sonic sound really forced. Sonic sounds awkwardly gung-ho. Dr. Eggman sounds like he's trying too hard. Viremaster did their voices, right? I didn't pay much attention to the credits. Bro, step it up.

Rina, I didn't get to your part. I could not finish watching this. I know your work is pretty good. I didn't get to your point, but I hope you sounded better than Vire. I claim ignorance, cannot fairly critique you.

Also, Prime is playing the same crap that Shadow did. "I'm the supreme being". Same with Mecha-Sonic in Super Mario Bros Z. Please, come up with a decent storyline. All I got out of this is "Errrr world dying derp Eggman winning derp herp hedgehogs extinct EXCEPT SONIC herp FREEDOM FIGHTERSSSSS".

I'm comparing you a lot to SMBZ because it's pretty obvious that's what you're trying to be. Sorry, but I can't say I like your work.

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4.07 / 5.00

May 7, 2010
9:59 AM EDT