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Well I knew this day would come. It's time for a new chapter of Sonic the sprite Flash Series, with Age of the Brotherhood.
It's all out war mobian vs Machine.
Sonics back with a new voice. Better than ever, The Brotherhood of Metallix are winning and unless he does something to turn the tide the future is looking bleak with no light at the end of this long, blood ridden road.

Please excuse the long loading times this is gonna be a big one lol

I promised you an established Voice actor who has worked on Sonic fan fiction flash before and I hope I didn't disapoint.
Please welcome Omahdon, the voice of Nazo from Nazo Unleashed.

Sonic: Sonicking
Tails: VoiceGirl
Amy: Rina Chan
Eggman: Viremaster
General: Akito Shikyoken
Cody: Milanous
Metallix Prime: Milanous

Note: For the full story see the previous installment RISE of the Brotherhood.


They might be 14

Where do I even start with this mess? Another attempt at a serious Sonic spite flash pretty much sums it up. Let me begin by saying I didn't judge this by the fact that it's a sprite animation based off of sonic, which is already far from my interest's, but more so the content and the script that just screams cliche, overused and over serious fighting drama.

The story was poorly written, with nothing salvageable about it. It leaves much to be desired in terms of story line and character development. The only redeemable quality about this flash in my opinion is that is is void of any inside jokes or lame references and that the story is in fact original to some degree. I would love to say that this was disappointing, but I went into this with literally no expectation and was treated to as such.

It's one thing when you use sprite animations to convey your story, but when that's accompanied by poorly done voices with literally no "acting" in them, as well as lacking sound effects and sloppy text filled transitions, it just makes look like a rush job with little to no communication between the other members of the crew on how you want the lines to sound or what feeling should go along with them. Seriously, I cringed at the repeating "SHUT UP" line, sounded as if you were just playing the clip over and over, what where you thinking?

The only reason this might get a daily award is because of the publicity that your "popular" unfitting, mediocre "voice actors" will bring it. It's a darn shame this will get some attention, if even just for a day.

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It lacked certain needed effects.

I don't usually watch Sprite animations, but when I do, I can be a bit picky. The first thing I noticed was when Sonic touches the ground from jumping, it's silent, even when he jumped the first time out of the plane. Little things like that affect my opinion. Overall, it was a decent flash. However the script seemed to cheesy to be serious. Sonic's voice is just..ugh when it comes to that. The whole Shut Up thing with him made me sort of cringe but, hey, everyone has there own Voice Acting ability. 4 is what I rate it.

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Milanous responds:

see this i can respect. Not so much him above.

Excellent work

6 Months of work and it all paid off. Great work and great introduction to a new series, battle's are spectacular, great Dialogue with many plots and twists into the series.

Keep up the great work

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good job

Good story. keep it up

Very good

There's a lot to like about this flash. Good plot, good script, good voice acting...

The only thing that bugged me is that you zoom in a bit too close at times. If you zoom too closely in on the sprites it all just looks blocky and out of focus. Spots in particular: The opening scene when the bots are flying across the screen and when Amy and Cody are arguing the day after the big fight.

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4.07 / 5.00

May 7, 2010
9:59 AM EDT