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Well I knew this day would come. It's time for a new chapter of Sonic the sprite Flash Series, with Age of the Brotherhood.
It's all out war mobian vs Machine.
Sonics back with a new voice. Better than ever, The Brotherhood of Metallix are winning and unless he does something to turn the tide the future is looking bleak with no light at the end of this long, blood ridden road.

Please excuse the long loading times this is gonna be a big one lol

I promised you an established Voice actor who has worked on Sonic fan fiction flash before and I hope I didn't disapoint.
Please welcome Omahdon, the voice of Nazo from Nazo Unleashed.

Sonic: Sonicking
Tails: VoiceGirl
Amy: Rina Chan
Eggman: Viremaster
General: Akito Shikyoken
Cody: Milanous
Metallix Prime: Milanous

Note: For the full story see the previous installment RISE of the Brotherhood.



Milanous, to begin with your sprite work is some of the better I've seen and it only gets better every episode of the Brotherhood, and now the voice cast is spot on I love how everyone fits so well. Voicegirl as Tails...haha surprisingly sounds just like him. Keep it up, this is definitely one of my favorite action flash series.

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Wow i never know....

Rina Chan dose voices,anway i love how u did not stop doing the sires like other pepol so great vid ,cant wait anymore utill the nex 1 =D

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Excellent work with the effects dude, Do you think Ashura will come back as a half hedgehog, half robot. That would be excellent! XD

Great Story

Like how it started with a battle scene but. Is there a previous sage. Unless there is a hidden background story to keep us wondering Iam really confuse whats happening at the moment oh and yeah I thought tails was a fox?

Milanous responds:

Yes there is called Rise of the Brotherhood

A very interesting new saga!

Deffinetly as good as I thought it would be, but I did hhave a little problem with the voice acting. I believe the actors where indeed good but when Sonic was mad or upset his voice did not show the tone of his emotion.

Apart from that this was extremely good and I am seriously looking forward to the next part, best of luck and well done once again :)

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May 7, 2010
9:59 AM EDT