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Age of the Brotherhood p1

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Well I knew this day would come. It's time for a new chapter of Sonic the sprite Flash Series, with Age of the Brotherhood.
It's all out war mobian vs Machine.
Sonics back with a new voice. Better than ever, The Brotherhood of Metallix are winning and unless he does something to turn the tide the future is looking bleak with no light at the end of this long, blood ridden road.

Please excuse the long loading times this is gonna be a big one lol

I promised you an established Voice actor who has worked on Sonic fan fiction flash before and I hope I didn't disapoint.
Please welcome Omahdon, the voice of Nazo from Nazo Unleashed.

Sonic: Sonicking
Tails: VoiceGirl
Amy: Rina Chan
Eggman: Viremaster
General: Akito Shikyoken
Cody: Milanous
Metallix Prime: Milanous

Note: For the full story see the previous installment RISE of the Brotherhood.

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Cool movie and awesome!

Well it's alright. I can see you and everyone involved did put time and effort into this. But the beginning seems a bit rushed. Even though the scene itself was probably supposed to be short. There still has to be enough build up for that to meant anything. I mean mentioning Sonic's brother being tortured by Prime was just random and almost unnecessary because of the lack of build up to that attack. You could have made one of the characters mention to Sonic that going up against him was a bad idea because of what happened to his brother. Things like that would help with build up. The animation is great and all. But it could use some work. Same with the SFX.

Other than that I am hoping that the story gets better. This is only the first episode after all.

Sonic:Slave? Servant? No, wait. I got it! You're his little PET!!!!

Prime: SHUT UP!!!!


Is this canon to the actual story of sonic?

Accurate voice acting, pretty decent & dramatic storyline, and nice action. Everything a Sonic storyline should be.