Kitteh in space

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This is the sequel to kitteh in 3D. Its about a kitteh with a dream of going to the moon but doesnt have sufficient funds to build the spaceship.

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Im with Dexter3000

Its not bad at all. Just keep practising and you will be even better =)

Its not bad...

This animation wasn't too bad, but at the same time it really wasn't that amazing.First off, I can see what you were trying to do with the style. I liked the very limited colour palette you use with this animation.It fitted well with the sketchy style, but I feel that could have been executed better. I understand the lines of the Paintbrush tool in Flash can be quite varied, but in some places the lines were a bit messy.This isn't too much of a problem, but I personally don't particularly like the appearance of those kind of lines. A tip for this would be that you should use the Subselection tool,(The little white cursor.)to straighten the lines a bit more.

The artwork was very simple and sketchy, much like I said before.But I didn't really like the characters, as I thought their designs were pretty bland and uninteresting. Though simplicity can look awesome when you know how to pull it off. As far as the animation went, it was fairly decent. Slightly choppy in places, but overall, good.

The plot was ok.Though I didn't really find it funny. But that may just be me, considering this isn't really my kind of humour.

Next up,the sound.The quality of all the sound was very good, but it could have used some sound effects perhaps.(Like when Kitteh smashes open the piggy bank, as an example.)But the sound was otherwise very good.

So all in all, this Flash wasn't too bad,but like I said before, it wasn't amazing.But still, keep practicing, as I'm sure you could make some pretty good animations in future. ;)

TopazPie responds:

Thanks Dexter3000. That was the most helpful review ive ever gotten. Thanks for the critiquing :) ill try to keep all of that in mind for my next projects.

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3.78 / 5.00

May 7, 2010
9:40 AM EDT
Comedy - Original