The Labrynth

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A small litte inbetween project I threw together. It's okay, I think, but I'm not sure about you. So here you go, have fun, and don't kill yourself, now.


Love it

I love the drawing style :D

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Fix the error when you click "More Games" :P All in all, not bad. Boring background though.

Good approach, with a couple of errors.

The game is pretty good, but lacked a story and a lot of other elements a good game requires. I liked how the camera followed the character it was smooth and not annoying. The music was also a good choice it was not annoying and loud like some other games and was at an appropriate volume. However a lot of the map was very tight and I felt restricted which defeats the porpouse of having a high jumping power. Some times I try and land on a platform but end up falling through it, which was very frustrating. It would be better with more interactivity and more character animations. With some tweaking and editing, this game would be more fun and playable.


its ok, fix the background and make some animations for when he dies, and more traps


Note: Not all of these may be bugs. I'm just listing what were problems.
If you were to clip the edge of a platform, you could get a sudden boost upward, or fall through it. Both were unexpected, and the second one is annoying when there are spikes directly below the platform. Moving platforms don't carry you with them. You can get hit by spikes from below through a floor. After the section with circles and pentagons, if you go to the left you can endlessly fall through the abyss. The same happens if you stay on top after the long slope. The physics in general seemed a bit odd; you jump a bit high for the space given, for example. You don't really need that key. You don't get crushed by the block by the key. Also, that background is pretty bland.

What does the secret teleport do? I can't get to it because there's not enough space to jump up there properly. (At least, I think so)

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2.88 / 5.00

May 6, 2010
9:26 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop