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Episode V Art Class

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Too Easy

I got it, no doubt about it... but the voice acting (as its been mentioned before could be better... much better) need improvement. Also if your going to "bash" or "stereotype" the artists in the realm of Art Class you gotta go a step above and make it crazy with stereotypes by adding to it like... Clove ciggarettes, Coffee, Some type of strange surreal view of the world that depending on the viewer is satirical or literal.

Try again.


I've watched this movie several times, and minus the bashing on the artistic population what is the general point of this?

Napier0879 responds:

The point is: If you've taken an art class, been an art major, you've run into these teachers and students at some point, thats a fact. Im not bashing the artistic population, Im just poking fun at some who are pretentious in the art population. If you dont get it, you're probably one of the people Im poking fun at. Titties!

it could have been a lot better

first: yay for art stereo-typing. most of us don't smell like assholes though, more like pachuli or however you spell it. spot on with the hemp and chai tea though haha. but yea, sound needs work annnndd you could have taken it to another level.

Needs work.

I don't understand why you would need to smell like asshole in an art class, but the girl's voice acting needs improvement along with the graphics and story line.

Good, but can be better

There was a good amount of comedy within this submission. I really liked how it captures the essence of the teachers in art class, if that's what you were going for. I do admit, it seems that in art classes, the teachers are more worried about how you appear rather than the art you do sometimes. It really depends on who's teaching in the end.

In the end, I enjoyed watching this, but I have to suggest that you improve on audio quality in the flash as well. It seemed like you recorded it from a phone or really cheap recorder, which was fine, as I got everything that was said, but it really needed to be bumped up in terms of quality, as there was a lot of grain in it. Also, the volume for the teacher was pretty loud, and I have the volume low on my computer. Also, at the end of the flash, I do suggest you fix a bug where the flash ends and it sticks on "created by..." and you can actually delete the text as well. Also, try putting in a simple replay button in your flash.

Simply, the style was okay. The humor was tickling, but the audio was mediocre at best. Overall, pretty good submission. Keep on improving!


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3.37 / 5.00

May 6, 2010
9:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Original