Project - EdgeDrive Act 1

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The first experimental movie of a series i am currently writing.
This particular animation was a short that i submitted to a competition with a time limit which explains why it is so small.

And before people point this stuff out, Yes i have used references of mechs from other series' .
So if you bitch about that then you really are retarded arent you? :D

Anyway people, Enjoy it. It will get better i promise!



Nice visuals, animation is ok - really good

This is a really good piece - there is some really nice animation, there is some room for improvement but that will come in time ^_^ - might have to add some more in-between frames next time

I like the visual graphics and the effects

All and all not bad ^_^


Surprisingly not that bad. At first it loked like it was gonna turn into a porn, and the voice acting and annimation werent that good, the vid was still ok.

Really Good

You did great,but you bit of a bit more than y9ou could chew and It doesn't look realistic


Dear god I hope this gets better. It is way cheesy. Also the animations are a little bad.
I'm sorry if I'm being a jerk, but I havent been having the best time of my life.
anyway, It was alright.

Rough around the edges

Music and sounds are fine. For a starting point it's not so bad overall. The animation is what needs the most work. It looks too rough to for me to discern any sort of style. It would look better if the characters could move more than their eyes and mouths.
After the X-14's show up the frame rate goes to shit until the replay button shows up at the end. Changing the quality does not help. If no one else runs into this problem then it's just my PC being diffucult. Otherwise, there may be something offscreen that's hogging system resources.

Also, why is he climbing a mountain?

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3.77 / 5.00

May 6, 2010
6:00 PM EDT