Alien Anger Management

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First time I've touched flash in a long while, just a fun little short I was working on in my spare time. Let me know what you think.

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to more flash you make.... then it get bettere and better..... its have its own charm

Not Bad

The animation was smooth the music fit the scenes, and overall it looks like a good practice run.

bottledgraffiti responds:

thank you, that's all it really was.

This isnt ur fist flash?

wel youi sghould try harder

grathics 3/10
animation 6/10
text writting 5/10
music 4/10
humour 3/10
Overall: 5/10 or 4,half/10

bottledgraffiti responds:

I agree, when I started making it, I didn't really plan on doing anything, I am going to retouch and extend it, with a lot more effort. Thanks for your feedback though.


I was expecting a bunch of aliens sitting around in a circle talking about there anger problems. I had already thought of like 3 different conversation scenarios by the time this page loaded. :(
"...Look, i don't have a problem, Every planet hunts animals and eats them. Why can't i Hunt humans? Something about there little fleshy bodies just say make me wanna be all "NOM NOM NOM"... and probing them is JUST to make them cheese stuffed!"

Or something i dunno.

Funneh flash anyway though.
I demand a sequel of That alien coming into the circle saying he messed up today and blew up a few buildings.

Graphics: 4/10
Music: 5/10
Humor: 5/10
Overall: 3/5- 5/10
But ima give it a 4/5 in hopes my idea will come to life threw your hands!!

bottledgraffiti responds:

Thanks, I was going to end it with a situation like that, but this was the first time I had touched flash in years, and I guess I just needed my faith restored that I could work in it. I'm actually going to go through and retouch a lot of this one, make it cleaner, and smooth out some of the graphics, add voice acting and some soundeffects, and extend it, so watch for that when I finish it.

Not bad

I liked it, but there are some minor changes that could make a world of difference. In the beginning, when he's moving really fast, he didn't have any acceleration whatsoever, he went from stopped to really fast, with trees/houses zipping by. So, a suggestion would be to have him start out with trees moving by slowly and, even if it's very quick/minor, move into the stuff zipping by.

I couldn't tell he was moving fast at first, I just thought the trees were changing for no good reason (which is typical of a lot of bad flash videos).

Also, the part where the alien god mad and started destroying buildings could use some improvement on the laser effects, but the animation of the bird pooping on the window was good.

bottledgraffiti responds:

Thank you for the feedback, and i agree with what you said. I remembered to slow the buildings down as he slowed down, I just overlooked starting the trees with a slower movement too. It would add a lot to that effect. I'm still trying to figure out the laser effects, but I'm glad you liked the bird pooping. =)

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3.53 / 5.00

May 6, 2010
4:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Original