Nog Out

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Use a straw to suck up Nogs; watch out for cactus's! See if you can get a high score!

I hope you like my minigame :-)



Fun little game. The artwork is well done, and the sounds were alright. I don't think the music was the best fit, but it suited well enough.

Not sure if it was intended, but if you line up two nogs you can score both with one click. The clicking seemed a tiny bit slow, but then again I may have just been missing once or twice with my frantic mouse work.

Given that it's only 45 seconds, the cactii should start right at the beginning for more of a challenge.

@Alex-Haw Most of the games on Newgrounds involve repetitvely clicking moving objects, so this seems to fit in well. Actully, there are pleanty of point-and-click escape games, which involve repetitvely clicking on NON-moving objects. This game is so advanced!

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Good graphics

It obviously is GnuNinja's flashplayer, cause it ran flawless for me
I really like the graphics but the game is just too simplistic :c
Maybe if you added some more variation it would be worth 8/10

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jjwallace responds:

:D hey thanks,
Yeah its a mini game i made as a time challenge... I would have wanted to add more but i thought i would just make a different game and keep this one simple :-) thanks for playing

Quick and Effective

It's obvious you aren't going for anything in-depth or amazing here, but rather something quick and casual; that's exactly what you've done.

The art is fantastic, the sounds well suited to the game, and the learning curve is simple as possible. There's no way someone wouldn't grasp how to play this, so it's very user friendly. The gameplay is nothing that will keep players for hours, but a round or two is definitely entertaining; I enjoyed myself. As far as mini-games go, it's definitely top-tier. I wouldn't play this all day, but that's not what you were trying to create.

Overall, it's visually pleasing, slightly humorous, sounds good, and overall enjoyable; good job.

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jjwallace responds:

Hey man, thanks a lot... It was a simple game i just through together i though would be fun :-) I have another game coming out that is a big project, hopefully it will be a big hit and have a lot of gameplay. :-)

I dunno.

From an aesthetic perspective, the game is creative and well-animated.

From a gameplay perspective, it's not good at all. Repetitively clicking at moving objects barely constitutes a game.

As much as I like absurd art styles, gameplay comes first.

jjwallace responds:

Dude, how can you give it a 1 though?
Thanks a lot for the lowball review! Next time maybe i will make something good enough to get a 2 huh?


it freezes every few seconds, and no it isn't my flashplayer. It is your game!

jjwallace responds:

Dude, its not your flash player its your attitude!

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3.34 / 5.00

May 6, 2010
4:02 PM EDT
Action - Other