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The Clown Prince Part1

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FIRST NOTE: Okay, so firstly id like to mention the quality is very poor, this is because the flash was converted to an ifo file then to an avi file then imported back to flash, long story short i made the flash and saved it on a disk as an ifo file (not my choice) then lost all data on it from the computer before i could save it (stupid technology) so all i had left was the ifo on disc, now ive imported it back to flash to show you guys.....

SECOND NOTE: ... so i made this in 2007 in 12th grade for assessment, i didnt post it on newgrounds mainly because i thought it was kinda embarrassing also because i lost the flash file and didnt want to post up this bodgy quality thing. Anyway now when i look at it, i find it quite funny because of how lame it is and realise that its not too bad seeing as it was my second attempt ever at making an animation.
So now im sharing it with you.

Also one more thing, the story line may not be very clear of make any sense at all, this is because i had a set time limit of 6 minutes and not being much of a planner then, i tried to wing it. Of coarse it didnt go so well, i was running out of time and done too much to change and needed to conclude it fast...... okay enough crap from me


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The animation was good

It was interesting to see how the series started out and it looks like it started out pretty good. At first, I was unable to see anything, so I thought maybe the flash had been removed. Luckily, I reopened it and saw it. The animation is really stylistic but it does look like it could have been made at a smaller picture for better image resolution. The sound did not seem to sync up well for me, so you should probably get that looked at. It was a bit hard to follow with the story, but it did seem like an original concept.

JetLong responds:

cheers, yes i dont know why flash does this to me, the sound is totally in sync on my computer but when i export it onto newgrounds it screws up! happened my other submissions too, wasnt happy.


Id like to see what your grade was for this "Assessment." The story was quite humorous but the voice and time with the characters mouths, was agitating. Kewdos.

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

May 6, 2010
6:05 AM EDT

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