Cursed Treasure

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Protect your gems from being stolen by "good" heroes in this tower defense game. Overlord, you have all the power of orcs, undead and demons.


Use mouse (hold SHIFT to build multiple towers or cast multiple spells).
The game has a bult-in tutorial.
Try to annihilate the enemies before they grab a gem, but even if they do, you'll have a chance to annihilate them on their way back and you'll save the gem.

Version 1.10:
Cursed Treasure with updated graphics and 30 levels is now available on iPad!
http://itunes.apple.com/u s/app/cursed-treasure-hd/

Hotfix 1.09.002:
- Added missing "%" symbols in descriptions of the Bounty Hunting and the Scorching Treasure skills

Vesrion 1.09:
- Fixed bug: ~30% loss of mana regeneration rate when the "Attack" button is clicked

Version 1.08:

New features:
- Hotkeys added (see built-in hints, 1,2,3 - towers, Q,W,E - spells, SPACE - start attack, F - toggle high speed on/off)
- Sound effects and music can be switched on/off separately

Balance changes:
- Assasin's "Dancing Blade" ability (50% chance of avoiding damage) is replaced by the "Mystic Blade" ability (diminishes damage by 30-90%)
- Recharge rate of Ghost Crypts is increased to 2 seconds
- Recharge rate of Banshee Crypt is increased to 1.5 seconds
- Ballista Dens and Catatult Den missiles speed is increased

Bug fixes:
- "grayed out Attack button and neverending mission" bug is fixed.
- Savegame system is changed. We can't guarantee that the bug stalling the game on the choose profile screen ("Level 999" bug) is fully fixed, but at least you will see "The save data is corrupted" message and will be able to play the game anyway.

+ many small changes and fixes


Ok, here it goes.

I am terribly addicted to this game.
It's been over a week, I'm level 37, and going to level up until I got every skill.
The only fail I see in the game is the Fearful crypt, I don't see the chain hit.
The game is awesome, I love it.
Keep making these, so I can have something to do.
I have got Brilliant in every single level, done this in level 36.
Just be careful with the ninjas, and assassins.
Btw, HATE NINJAS. There should be a club called ''Cursed treasure - Ninja haters club''.
Level 14, hate the Ninja boss, screwed my brilliant a thousand times, thank god I had freeze, full mana, and meteor mastery.

GREAT GAME 10/10 5/5

Wanna get all brilliants? here's how:

Ice towers have an advantage over other towers overall.
orc towers are good for defense next to the gems. (for invis enemies)
Demon towers are good when they have ALOT of range, are on blaze, and are on a round a bout (Demon Towers I think are the worst overall, even though they have their advantages)
first skill to focus on: soul vault
improvise and use your better judgement from there. (ice mastery, orc bounty hunting, Demon meteor study & mastery)
Tip: All invis bosses can be dealt with with meteor study and mastery, and mana pool, (500 mana, 5 fire bolts of 400 damage each).
Tip: Mana is the difference between life or death for the most part & spells are there for a reason, use them.
Tip: Towers get the same amount of experience each shot, regardless if they are upgraded or not, (so upgrade starting from the back, to the front).
Tip: Balance can be the best strategy against all enemies, keep both attacking sides equal.

btw, amazing game. 5/5 10/10

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It's balanced, what is your problem?

In my opinion this game is indeed very balanced, and the crypts are by far not the only way to get a dozen 'brilliant's in no-time. I agree on their usefullness since they level up very fast and through their special abilities like freeze or bouncing shots have a one-shot stopping power unlike all other towers, but if played right, the temples can beat that without problems. with a bit of strategy, a combination of scorching auras at the entrances (in high levels this kills all ninjas instantly, plus it slows down the enemies right from the start) and evil eyes together with a few dens and crypts near the gems kills anything before it comes even remotely close to them. I have played crypts and temples to near perfection and so far it has been a great (and time consuming...) challenge, but very much managable. Since i am still playing the Dens to try out their strengths and weaknesses i cant say much about them, but the ballistas have been very reliable in killing ninjas so far, and the crit towers can kill any single enemy fairly fast, too. I can't say much about cross-tech strategies, since I haven't tried it yet. But each 'pure' tree can be used in ways that can wipe the Heroes off the field.
Additionally, about the 'beloved' crypts everyone seems to be so into: with them and even a bit of bad luck, you'll have 5 assassins stealing your gems pretty fast. i really do prefer constant-fire temples over all else, they may not be as fast in killing everything as the other towers, but they also do not have real weaknesses. plus, in later levels the game becomes VERY hard without them. Might as well level them right from the start.

finally, what's the point in debating which tree or combination is most useful? i enjoyed the game, and really: if you are good enough to beat the game, it shouldnt matter which tech tree you take. After all, it's always about the right tactics and a bit of luck.

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Awesome game

Wow very good tower-defense game i still played it 3 day´s non-stop ^^ love it

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Very nice game!

My favorite TD so far!

For people having trouble with Ninjas etc. I found the best way to deal with them would be to build a complex of towers near the base at the end of the track, let them rack up experience, and then build a few towers near the beginning of the track before the ninjas show up --> the early towers trigger their smoke bomb ability which wears off by the time they hit the main base (if you open by building towers near the beginning of the track, they bogart all of the experience). I found that faster shooting and single-shot towers are much more effective than ballistas and area-effect temples. You also need to max out Meteor Strike for the boss ninjas in order to kill them before they reach your base. I would suggest favoring Meteor over Frenzy, your main obstacle on the harder levels is killing individual sneaky characters (like ninjas) who slip past your defenses, so Frenzy becomes almost worthless once you get to level 10 or so. I would also suggest building as many towers as possible early on in any level and then switch to upgrading them in the final third or quarter of the level. Finally, make sure to devote resources to deforestation - it becomes a major source of income later in the game. I achieved a brilliant rating on every level, so I can say for a fact that it is possible.

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May 6, 2010
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Strategy - Tower Defense
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