Cursed Treasure

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Protect your gems from being stolen by "good" heroes in this tower defense game. Overlord, you have all the power of orcs, undead and demons.


Use mouse (hold SHIFT to build multiple towers or cast multiple spells).
The game has a bult-in tutorial.
Try to annihilate the enemies before they grab a gem, but even if they do, you'll have a chance to annihilate them on their way back and you'll save the gem.

Version 1.10:
Cursed Treasure with updated graphics and 30 levels is now available on iPad!
http://itunes.apple.com/u s/app/cursed-treasure-hd/

Hotfix 1.09.002:
- Added missing "%" symbols in descriptions of the Bounty Hunting and the Scorching Treasure skills

Vesrion 1.09:
- Fixed bug: ~30% loss of mana regeneration rate when the "Attack" button is clicked

Version 1.08:

New features:
- Hotkeys added (see built-in hints, 1,2,3 - towers, Q,W,E - spells, SPACE - start attack, F - toggle high speed on/off)
- Sound effects and music can be switched on/off separately

Balance changes:
- Assasin's "Dancing Blade" ability (50% chance of avoiding damage) is replaced by the "Mystic Blade" ability (diminishes damage by 30-90%)
- Recharge rate of Ghost Crypts is increased to 2 seconds
- Recharge rate of Banshee Crypt is increased to 1.5 seconds
- Ballista Dens and Catatult Den missiles speed is increased

Bug fixes:
- "grayed out Attack button and neverending mission" bug is fixed.
- Savegame system is changed. We can't guarantee that the bug stalling the game on the choose profile screen ("Level 999" bug) is fully fixed, but at least you will see "The save data is corrupted" message and will be able to play the game anyway.

+ many small changes and fixes



Truly THE best Defence flash game ive played.
Graphics are great, everything looks very refined.
Menu is sleek and simple.
Everything is just perfect, wouldnt change a thing!
Please please please make a sequal, and maybe flip it around so you control the "good" towers this time, Night Elf, Human towers etc, would be great fun!

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First of all i love this game 5/5 10/10.
But ninja's seem to have a higher chance then 50% to dodge missles,other then that great game a sequel would rule.

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great defense game, one of the best

I really enjoyed this game, it has a very nice look and feel with great graphics and sounds.

One _very_ minor grievance I have is that on levels with a fast champion that can use "smoke bomb" it's literally impossible to obtain a brilliant rating because the champion grabs the gem before the smoke bomb dissipates.

Other than that, good job.

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One of the best tower defense games out there

I love the leveling system and all the creative ways you can arrange/upgrade your towers. It's easy to learn, yet very challenging in the later levels (especially if you're going for a Brilliant rating for every stage). Nothing quite as frustrating as dealing with a ninja boss after forty or so grueling waves (accursed ninjas!).

There was one small annoyance that I really wish could be fixed though. I would have liked an option to somehow turn off those damn 'help boxes' that kept hovering over your cursor when it was on a piece of land ('You can build temples on rocks!' ect.). Somewhat useful for first-timers, but they quickly became a nuisance to me, especially when they obscured my view of the map while I was trying to keep track of some of the peskier enemies (ACCURSED NINJAS!).

Aside from that, I had a blast. I really hope to see a sequel in the future :)

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This game is too awesome too play
this should get a reward lol

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4.43 / 5.00

May 6, 2010
5:39 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense
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