reverse beartrap

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Hello people, **This Flash DOES not have a preloader and it is VERY short so sorry for that. This is something i made for a friends.Took me all day making it.The song is called reverse bear trap from the movie saw.Sound effects are from beyond music. The sound on this flash has some weird crackle sounds but it is how the song was.Well hopefully you guys like it and see ya guys.It was all made in flash, except the lens flares.But other than that its all flash :)

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Where's the reverse beartrap?

An-duh-roy-dent! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Long time, no see-ee a submission from you, AE!---------->
I got pretty excited when I logged on and saw you had made something else. Granted, it's not the stylistic humor and colorful montage of uniquely drawn images you normally come up with, B--U--T you even said you made it for a friend.
You were very clear in your description, that this was specifically made for a friend and his (or their) project. Oh, as for that sound crackling; I THINK I know what it might be, too. Maybe when you were piecing things together in Flash (except for the lens flares, I know, Ha!) the bass and/or treble levels were a bit too high. Try clippin' down a wee bit on your trim, if you have that option. That has happened to me COUNTless times when I'm trying to do something, myself.
Anyhoo, GUH-RATE job on an intro more than well done. It looks VERY professional. I'm curious though. Did your friend ever say what this was gonna be? A game or maybe even a short movie or something? Hmmm. . . Either way, I'm so very happy to see you're still out and about here on NG. I thought for sure I would have lost you due to my absence, the past few months.
Can't wait to start collaboratin'. Until then. . .
.................Take care, be good and introduce.period

seAnceTM responds:

hello :P well the sound was given to me by my friend so when he gave it to me it was all done except i had to come in and just animate to the song. I wasnt going to post this but said what the hell. I will post other animations as soon as i finish them. My computer got the blue screen of death about a week ago and i lost alllllll of my work so i have to do all of my work over. but thanks and i knew this litle animation wouldnt get big. dont care though<==================== lol see ya gaia pal.

... =)

Well. Nicely done. This song sure is a perfect match with this flash. Nice job.
Awesome. I can't even do this. =D

seAnceTM responds:

thank you :)


It was a nice concept and all, the sound effects and everything were very well done...but I dunno, I was expecting something else to happen...after the show of words

But that's just me, it was very good otherwise, I was hoping it would be expanded more though...felt too short but it was still complete

seAnceTM responds:

thanks, yeah it's short.i'm working on something good this was just something i made really quick for a friend.

Sorry, but it's just an ad for something.

That's all I see it as, on a continuous loop. I didn't come here to watch an ad, and I don't even know what you're advertising. What is the exact point of this? Please give it some meaning.

seAnceTM responds:

i'm not advertising anything, it's just a short flash.thanks for voting anyway.

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May 6, 2010
3:00 AM EDT