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Please let me know what you think of this animation. It's one of the first that I have attempted lip syncing.


Thumbs up!

Well done on this one.

I must say this one is quite better than Mobsters and you were right to redirect me here. I'm impressed by how much this improved. How long was in between the two animations? Anyhows, thumbs up.

Compared to Mobsters the animation quality has improved a great deal. It flowed along nicely like a coherent piece and it suited the simple drawing style. The emphasis you placed on the main characters by blacking out other people inside the train was clever and eats away space to give us that cramped up feeling. Apart from them details that stood out, it was a good quality animation overall.

I think you have a real affinity with the storyline. The length was perfect and the balance between jokes and resemblence of real life was fitting. Mobsters had a well done story as well but I liked this humorous one slightly better, even though that's just taste ofcourse. Small in-between jokes like the guy flying out of the other side of the train when our accountant steps in liven up the scene while main jokes like the 'fired' notice have the viewer laughing really hard :)

Animation & Drawing - 8 / 10
Storyline & Feeling - 10 / 10
You have my 9 / 10 and a 5 / 5.

Added you to list of favorites, looking forward to future work.

Mobsters had a good story. This one has both story and animation!

- Glenn

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Cool !

Who's not had a days like this hehe.
Excellent work. Like for first time You've done very well done with voice acting.

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I wasnt expecting him to pow the fat guy in the face
Have you done that before? LOL Nice work

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not bad. i was immersed

you have a good style. and the jokes are very real. Something about this i really liked. it had good pacing and the voice acting was pretty good as well as the animation. i couldn't stop laughing at the "fired" notice. that was a nice touch! you should keep it up, you have potential.

Oh yeah

I may not have been in the same situation as far as details, but Ive had days like that. I really liked . though I laughed my ass off, I did sympathize woth the character. Good job 5/5 10/10

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heymiky responds:

Thanks a lot man, I've had this day a thousand times. I really appreciate the 10!!!

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3.95 / 5.00

May 5, 2010
10:51 PM EDT
Comedy - Original