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The Hell Evolution

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Author Comments

- This game is like Syobon Action, where you are a small guy that must travel through the hell zones for killing the evil master. You will find many traps, power ups or power downs. Some power downs can give you bonus points at the end of the level. If you don't know where the traps are, you will probably die in no time. There are always a clue for finishing each level.

Last Update: I added sounds options like from the Inputs configuration.
1: You can now put a mute button. (Default is: CTRL)
2: You can able the game to restart the music when you die. (Default is: OFF)
3: You can switch between classic musics and remixed musics. (Default is: play remixed musics)

Hint for those that are stock in the first level:
1: About the hidden blocks after the checkpoint, you must use the orange ball to pass below the enemies.
2: To complete any level, you must bring a flashing ball. The first one is in the last box.

It's my first published and it took to me a few months to make it. The game is short, but there are many traps and sprites. There are 4 levels in total. The game level is: Hard.

Traps exemple: some ennemies cast Ultima, if you try to kill them. A ? box that flip the screen. You grab an item that cause an Armageddon...

Default buttons:
Left and right arrow to move.
Down arrow to enter pipe.
Up arrow to jump.
Space to toggle FPS display.
Autorun is ON.
You can change the inputs if you don't like them.

You can submit your score on a Top 100 if you play on my website:

If you find any bugs, please let me know.

If this game has a good rating, I will upgrade it, or I will make a better one. I think about a Bowser Adventure.

Have fun!!

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cool lol

It was too insane whats the point in a game that you cant beat?! I did like the music though.

lol you suck it made me rage. I love it LMAO you ass hole :P XDD

worst gamer ever

next time make a real game, not shit like this


wow dude really that was a fail you gotta make it more fun