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Going Down?

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How to Play:
Move the penguin from platform to platform as he falls so that he doesn't get stuck on the spikes. If the platform has arrows on it, it will make the penguin bigger or smaller. If it looks like a cloud, it will disappear. If the penguin lands on top of an enemy, he will kill it. Otherwise, the enemy will kill him if it touches him. Pick up gems for points and bags for power-ups. Keep falling for as long as possible.

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Possible rip-off, and fps issues.

Like previous reviews mention, this game has very large framerate issues past a certain point in the game. It slows to a crawl then just locks and you die for no apparent reason. Also I'd like to note that this game seems like a very close clone / rip of Tower of Greed, but instead of traveling up you're traveling down.

It's a good idea but nigh unplayable for any reasonable amount of time.

rocketman2017 responds:

All TD games are a rip-off of the original, no one complains about them. All games involving platforms are a rip-off of Mario. All games involving platforms and guns are a rip-off of megaman. Just because a game is similar, doesn't mean it's a rip-off. Plus, tower of greed was a different game. There were levels and exit points(which added a certain strategy to the game and "greedy" feel to the game). Just because this game happens to have gems and platforms doesn't mean its a tower of greed rip-off.

Where'd my frames go!?

Nice concept, seems like it would be fun. Too bad the frame rate just gets destroyed as soon as the sharks show up. Fix that and I think you got a winner but for now I can't give this a winning rating. :(


I'm not sure why, but around 3-5k points the game locks up and becomes incredibly choppy and slow. As soon as the game ends, this stops, and new games do not have this problem until this threshold is reached, so I'm not sure what's causing it, seeing as there doesn't appear to be anything incredibly complicated going on at that point in the game.


Excellent, innovative, and cool. I like the art style and penguin!