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This is my first real animated short film.

Four months in making.

Everything done by me.

Feedback appreciated.

I recommend watching it in HD. Only way to do this is by clicking either one of these links.





Edit: If anyone has any problems opening the youtube link I've embed it in my profile.

Edit 2: Thanks to whoever helped getting this to the front page.

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This is pretty good but the ending is a bit of a downer, pun intended. Great job!

The ending was funny. :D

Even your first films are awesome.

Fun art. wonderful techniques and a classic storyline. That man just didn't belong there.
Sounds seemed good quality and lighting was convincing most the time. The main character, though lacked in detil to make him stand out more, could had done with a little more detail. But it's not like it ruined the video.
Brilliant first movie. If people are going to make an animation; then you do it properlly and give it your all - just like this. Well done.

It's great, though some points could have been improved, I thought that general quality of the video was great.

The storyline and characterization could use some tweaking, for example, what was the kid's reason to just burst onto the street so suddenly? How come people aren't seeing what's happening? Or cars slowing down? The character itself doesn't really posses soul, as I may call it, we, the audience, have no real relationship between us and the character, in tv tropes such characters are called 2-dimensional characters, it's not bad, but could have been better, you could have shown him leaving the house, school or job to show that he has life and that there's a reason he's in the given situation. The motivations weren't clear either, first he was walking down the street, then he suddenly decides to run into the street, he's clearly in real world since he seems to be active, then when he gets nearly hit he's suddenly surprised, this kind of situation would make sense if the character would be suddenly snapped out of his mind, but the character was very aware of his surroundings (other than the cars)

Animation is great, not best, but great, all it needs is time to improve.

Sound effects were fantastic, they really fit in.

Camera work was good, simple and fitting, although as a viewer you didn't really feel the tension or fear that the character was under, nothing superbly dramatic would be required, but something to make the viewer experience the shock partially that the character underwent.

And the punchline at the end? I loved it! I completely haven't expected that to happen! Great job!

The message was great as well, it's better to be careful around the roads than risk getting hit ;)