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This is a very short animation that I did for a final in my music synthesis class. I finished it within 24 hours so the animation is a little sloppy but enjoy nonetheless!!

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good but animation and music arnt realy going the same pase


yah right. people don't just fall from the sky and learn the instrument in one second. yeah right dude. this is so unrealistic dude. and the amp wasn't even plugged in, even more unrealistic dude. you've really plucked my last feather. that is the last straw dude.
just kidding man im just being a jerk
ahaha. anyways. i just wanted to say i just sa w it and enjoyed it dude

if your feelings were smashed earlier from my critqueing, then just relax and move on. i wa sjust joking.bye

Great style!

The art is misleading at first, but the animation more than compensates for it, not to mention the synchronization with the music. You have done very well, dude.

Great music

I gave it a 4 because of the lack of visual artistry, but i loved the music. I would definitely like to hear more.

good jam

i liked it, a nice short animation with a good tune. your animation in general is good, a nice style and fluid professional look. however, i would suggest doing some things to spruce it up. do more than just a green background, change up camera angles, etc. just add some flare to it, ya know? this is a good base, but with a little extra effort, it could be a really awesome animation to go with the music. the only other thing i can say is, try to sync the beat and the drum animation better. specifically, the drummer hits the hi-hat for every snare hit, which mayn't be noticeable once or twice, but it was every time. anyone who knows even the slightest about drums will see it right away. the drums don't have to be perfectly synced, but try to fake it out better. create the illusion that its synced. otherwise, good job.

ImCoolerThanYou responds:

Haha I knew someone would say something about the drummer. He's the only one I didn't animate along with the music, I actually plan to go back and completely reanimate his playing sequence, and yea the flash altogether could definately be refined big time, such as adding a real ending!! :P

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4.31 / 5.00

May 5, 2010
12:28 AM EDT
Music Video