Mad Ranter Vs. Normal

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This is the second rant vid that i made. I know it sounds a bit like I'm reading off a script and that there are pauses/repeating of certain areas. The reason for that is because I have a stuttering problem and it comes out when I do these projects. With that aside, I hope you enjoy this submission.

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I understand the lazyness of the animation but...

I seen that you used Windows movie maker to make this, its alot harder to make an animation with that. I did like guys voice though, it was cartoony, but next video I suggest a funnier topic. This one seemed to go on and on with out anything funny happening. Maybe a topic that everyone can relate to?

crazyguylink responds:

Actually, I made two that day. i'm revamping the video to make it better. i learned to work the timeline better on MSWMM to add more frames per second to improve the animationr. The next one, on sanity, should be a lot better than this one. I'm going to put in a lot of work, increase the frame rate and align the timing of the stills to better coincide with the finished project. I hope that it will be satisfactory.

These are really funny

just not for the reasons you intend.

crazyguylink responds:

well, the point is to make people laugh. I'm glad you liked it.

that made no sense.

First off, when people rant they usually have evidence to back themselves up. You were just screaming into your Mic with no logical sense of what you were talking about.

crazyguylink responds:

sorry. I'm still new to this.

Not very good

The drawings got progressively lazier.

crazyguylink responds:

sorry. i did this one without much sleep. i ended up overlooking some aspects. the other ones should be better.

I think it passed

Decent rant. But......low score because your facts were way off. Bill Gates makes only one million dollars a year, because he limits himself to it: tax reasons and good will, and all that. Also, (and this is assuming that the chemical X was steroids) the "cah-honies" (not sure how to spell that one) dont shrink. They enlarge. Not horrible, though, in all.

crazyguylink responds:

I figured about that on the bill gates thing. I just got way into the ranting to consider that.

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May 4, 2010
12:54 PM EDT