I'm Not Your Broom

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A little while ago I thought i'd put this together as a little side project, I ended up getting distracted and it got pushed to the side.
Then I heard of Fornoreason's upcoming birthday. I rushed to get it finished in time, but my efforts weren't good enough and the date rushed passed me.

Oh well, here it is finished now.

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Short and amusing

Notbad with this one, the "PLAY" screen had that nifty tank, but the back end of this area was all blank, might have been nice to see something back there atleast something not so bland as the white backround, i normally find some deep greens and reds to be pretty neat, just an idea though, its not anything major but it could help, now as i view the flash its pretty neat filled with some very creative and nifty characters, i do like the black and white style, but the backrounds seem to bland even for black and white theme as you have here, now maybe if you had the back end black and white, and the characters "OUTLINED" in some sorta color, your flash seemed way too short, so maybe you could make it longer or maybe add other little short animation s with it, you know to give it that extra bit for the viewers to really enjoy what you have here, i guess i can understand the shortness for it for the end result but still something to think about, and last but not least ad some "SUBTITLES" it would be a nice little extra for the viewers, well hope i didnt bore you with my review infact hope it helped abit, anyways good luck on your next entry

above i mentioned a number of suggestions such as , subtitles, color in the backend, longer ending, and a menu screen blandness

funny and short but still could be even better



I'm trying to review the flash and not the song, It;s wuite hard though. The lip sinking was OK, and the art was quite pleaqsing the look at. Obviously it was very short, but I'm not asking you to extend FNR's song. The ending was a little obvious though.

I am not your broom....

I recall that song being created by They Might Be Giants. Off the album "NO!"...just might want to clarify that just in case TheyMightBeGiants gets upset.

Carbonwater responds:

Already has been said in the song description, in the song to the left.


This is just pure awesome. I have always been a huge fan of your art style and I couldn't imagine a better animation for this "song". Thanks for this man. I love it!

Carbonwater responds:

No worries fella. :]


My new favorite song!!
And no, Crashgek, it's much better without sound effect at the end!

Carbonwater responds:

I guess we'll never know.

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3.83 / 5.00

May 4, 2010
8:51 AM EDT
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