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Sometimes when a child cries, nobody is around to hear.

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Oh, I get it....

The butler did it, right?

Sidorio responds:


Makes no sence

After watching this flash twice, i still do not get the connection between the 'story' and the 'flash', if ever there was one.

Sidorio responds:

The approach to ideas is not to kill them, but to let them die of neglect.


The story at the beginning was very interesting. The flash that followed however i couldn't see any relevance to what was described. Intentional? I really thought you would go through the exploits of the man that was described in the story. That would make this animation much more interesting. I guess I fell for the joke?

Thanks for the blue balls.

Sidorio responds:

Don't make me think about your balls.


They way you combined your textings skills with my amazing animating skills was just wonderful!
Well done!

Sidorio responds:

Personally I think J.K Rowling is the true hero here.

I've seen enough.

Once I saw that police officer to go away "b4 ay fk yo mama" I just didn't want to watch anymore, I had seen enough.

Sidorio responds:

I hope somebody fucks yo mama tonight. Against her will.