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Yay! I Finally made my first flash!

Boo! I made it in the trial version of the toonboom animate software and even after I bought it, there is no way to separate the watermark from the TRIAL made animation.

Meh, it's all good, just make believe that in outerspace, everything belongs to Toonboom. Everything. It all does.

Just a little song I made, just a little flash I made with simple motion tweens and yadda yadda, really happy about it even tho it's really simple and poopy.

Oh, and I'm sorry there's no preloader. I don't know how to squeeze that in just yet. Once again, major newb!! Sorry!! x 3453345435345

Hope you dig!


-BC (Feeosh)


I love this!

This is so cool!

Blue-Cheese responds:

Hey! :D Thanks bud! Keep working on your stuff too! I think you have the beginnings of that weird edge newgrounds is known so highly for. I'm really trying to make a new animation but instead of tweening, I'm looking more into the ways of animating so I can be cool like Egoraptor or Sexual-Lobster and such.

If you don't know either of those peeps you should definitely check those artists out!

I don't know if I'd be able to help you out with any of your future projects, but If you'd ever want to get together on some of your ideas I'm always down!

I hope you get right back to work, I'll be there peepin your toons!




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Blue-Cheese responds:

YAY! You don't know how much that means to meh! I'm off to go buy a usb microphone for my next numbah :D

Thanks for all the nice comments peeps! I'm really stoked to get back to werk!!

grate song

i like the song more than the flash animation but it is very good too
nice video

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for some reason I found this hilarious

"In outerspace, everything belongs to Toonboom. Everything. It all does."

After reading your description I can't help but laugh every time a toonboom watermark appears, claiming ownership of everything in space. For me it made your animation even better. I love that toonboom comet going by...

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Blue-Cheese responds:

dude! Toonboom comet is priceless!!! I wish the deathstar got the toonboom watermark, blowing up planets and calling dibs on the crumbles haha!

Quite ok

The song is really great but the animation was kind of crappy.

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3.08 / 5.00

May 4, 2010
4:14 AM EDT
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