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Cute Jigsaw

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This is a College project
Its my very first flash game

Be gentle :D

Known issues:
- Sound on/off button doesn't work (Looking for a fix)
- No Scoring system (Not sure how to get a working on in)
- Pieces do not "click" into place (again once i know how i'll put them in)
- On the hard level, the "HELP" button doesn't work...

Hope you guys enjoy playing it as much as i liked making it

Sorry for the initial version, the buttons being screwed up and all
putting the preloader messed things up
its fixed now :D


well, its god but...

its a good game, no gaps and such but its not that funny, but who cares it rules anyway!!! :D

NeoWolf06 responds:

awww thanks :D


Make it so there is no gaps, and make it so the pieces either snap together when they fit, or snap into place when they are placed right.

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NeoWolf06 responds:

read the description before posting


I like it but I got to hard and the little thing that says click me for help...doesnt do anything...?

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NeoWolf06 responds:

its meant to load another image, it works on my computer but doesn't work on here
i dunno why

looks good

I will try it for you

NeoWolf06 responds:


Something is not right

Well yeah, let's start from the beginning, I pressed play, but it didn't work,
wondering what's going on I clicked 'settings' I clicked easy (yes I am noob) but the credits came up.

After that I pressed normal, when I finally got a puzzle :D
I made puzzle, but the pieces don't fit perfectly in eachother, there are big gaps between them, when it looked done (but not so nice 'cause the gaps) I pressed 'Did I win?' and got to the next puzzle.
But I don't know if I have won, because you can click on 'Did i win' as well when you haven't completed the puzzle.

But about the second puzzle, it looked too boring for me, I wonder if you yourself was able to make that.
So I clicked 'Click me for help' And I got to the settings, is that help? I don't understand that.

Well, now I understand your menu got messed up, but other things as well,
When you click 'settings' you'll get the level select,
When you press info you'll get the settings.
And when you press the credits you get the info.

In game buttons and all don't work
Jigsaw pieces are too small
Menu messed up

So well yeah, your first flash, jigsaw is just practise, that's part of the art of the making of flash,

But I think I did put more time in writing my review that you testing if the menu worked.

NeoWolf06 responds:

yea the button issue has been fixed

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1.77 / 5.00

May 3, 2010
5:47 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other