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Save your life 2

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Author Comments

*****! ATTENTION read before playing !*****

EDIT-medals added!
EDIT- I added the newgrounds API!
1-excuse my English in this game!!
2-not started to write bad reviews just because the game is difficult, in the game there are aids, PM me and I will give you the code to pass a level that there can.
3-take long to load, I do not know why this flash is so spacious.
4-play part 1 (http://www.newgrounds.co m/portal/view/528259)
5-at some level there will be little bugs on the audio, do not worry everything is resolved when passed level
***** INFORMATION *****
-another 15 levels (total 14.9/15MB)
-Unlike in Part 1 has been eliminated as of cheating
-flash player 9
***** INSTRUCTIONS *****
(green box) is where the correct answer is inserted in the move to the next level
(white box) is where it entered the secret code to skip the level
PM me for the code, writing the number of level where you are stuck
(?)Click it to get a little help on the level
!excuse again my english!
please comment, I will respond to all your comments and help you!!

*****! ATTENTION read before playing !*****

thanks to Tom Fulp for giving me permission to put a 15MB flash!!
Game too big? try playing with your browser in full screen (usually F11 to toggle)

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I think it's pretty fun, and also some of the riddles are unique. However some of them could have been better like the bunny, city (A___M), and bird ones which basically just are looking up stuff on the internet. And the bunny one specifically tells you to use Wikipedia which gives you a different answer (Leporidae or something) than the correct answer.

I got stuck on last level. The hint said the answer was in the picture. Some observations: the tree is shaped kind of like a brain, and the wind is blowing everything to the right side (or left side from the tree's perspective). But I didn't get it. I also don't get why the hint says to "think Recalls", is the answer related to the word "recalls"? And is the "R" capitalized on purpose?

The best answer I thought of was "reminisce" since it has a similar meaning to "recall" and in the song John Lennon is "reminiscing" about what the world could be like. But it doesn't really make sense with the picture.

the song at the end is imagine but i really don't have a clue what the answer is

LEVEL 30 is Scary

I'm Scared of the grassland cause i'm scared of some thing Musical.

plz halp me!

i need help with lat lvl plz contact m,e if u know the answer

nice game...somewhat easy...glitches found too

the game was pretty easy compared to the first one...here are the answers if anyone wants them ...i dont know the last level answer though

16. confusion ...its written on top..duh
17. click the end of tunnel, the light that appears there
18. church
19. first click on internet explorer, then type anti-virus in box ...note that "anti virus" widout the hyphen wont work
20. robin
21. moon ...duh
22. drag the red blinking hand...press ok that appears
23. amsterdam
24. click on bulb....type "eternity" in box ...it written der .. duh
25. hint tells to find another way...guess what...click on the box below
26. add all the roman numerals...ans:1664
27. sands of time ... game name:prince of persia (POP:SOT) ...love the game series
28. hint: follow the split...literally...even outside...answer: click edge where split ends
29. leporidis ...but in wikipedia its given as "leporidae"...donno wad..."ken10ben" helped on this one
30. ????...if u know lemme know

glitches : 1)At some places if u look at the hint and press back u go to the previous level