Galactic Commandos

May 3, 2010 –
April 25, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Una extraña nave ha aterrizado en la Tierra
Han elegido a un grupo de élite para introducirse en ella y saber su procedencia


who cars about who creates this game
it's about the game !!! it's awesome!

Eres uno de los pocos excelentes animadores de habla hispana, sigue haciendo buenos trabajos!

awesome game but it feels to boring the animation was awesome but the sound was lame

It has some potential but the gameplay could use some tweaking to become alot smoother, and yes as TheWretchedCrow said, this is totally lost vikings in sci-fi setting, which isnt bad, just noticed it aswell.

Is this maybe a sci-fi ripoff from Lost Vikings?
a bit slow but otherwise good.
but not as good as Lost Vikings ;}

Exceedingly well done, and terrifically fun to play. The character designs have their own unique look, and the difference between each playable character really adds a special depth to the game.
Personally I'm a fan of the little scout chick. Then again I'm a splinter cell fanatic and like to raise as few alarms as possible.

This is the type of game I'd like to see more of on newgrounds.

Very good animation and gameplay reminds me of Megaman

I'm not kidding. You should try to contact somebody into making this an actual store bought game!

Love ever bit of it ... changing between characters to move on is a great concept and the difficulty is perfect

i like the characters and the game-play is fun, it reminds me of The Lost Vikings which used similar methods of getting your guys to the exit of each level

it could be a great game.
the constant need to change characters just to exit a level seem like an unnecessary annoyance.

I have a lot to say... first of all, the title is rather bland. "Galactic" is a cliche sci-fi word, so is "Commandos."

I was somewhat hooked straight away because of the very well-made intro movie (that was obviously trying to have a Mega Man vibe) which told a very simple and straightforward story.

I like the characters. The three heroes get a lot of personality across without having any voices, any backstory, or heck, hardly even a face. The enemies are also well-designed and somewhat fun to kill.

The best part of the game is definitely the visuals. The slick, cartoon-style characters contrast beautifully against the sharp, pixilated scenery.
However there are some embarrassing inconsistencies with the graphics. The screen that tells us "the game is over, the next level is starting, ext" doesn't actually cover all of the screen, so we can see the edges of the level surrounding it. Also, whenever the heroes start or end a level, you can see the tip of their bodies peek out of the edge of the door. Both of these things are really annoying, and I don't see why someone who put so much effort into a game's visuals would let these things pass.

The worst part of the game--by far--is that it's just not all that fun. The idea of having to use 3 different characters sounds nice, but ultimately it can be tedious having to pull them across the level one-by-one all the time. It makes you wish there could just be one hero to do everything by himself (imagine if Mario could only run, and Luigi could only jump. So they'd have to be carrying each other around all the time whenever they needed each other.)

The great visuals and the likable characters only held my attention up to level 15. I'm sorry I won't be playing the whole game, and I don't know how much is left, but if the levels after here are much better, then letting the first several be so much worse is a problem almost as bad.

My favorite level was #14. It was fun having the green guy caging up the baddies in separate rooms, then getting the pink guy to jump down and slowly pick them all away.

This game is quite a mixed-bag. Overall, I'd say the good triumphs over the bad today.


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3.90 / 5.00