Smily Man the Mack Daddy

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if i were elian gonzales, id go into the future and find out if there are hovercars, then id go back and tell everyone about it. that would be cool.


Sure makes me wish I could have seen the action.

Actually nah not really. NEXT!!!

2 stick figures fuck of-screen with many lines of diolouge
that was lame


And no I'm not being mean, but I am being honest. No effort went into this whatsoever, the drawings were both poorly drawn sticks, and not even animated in their movement, there was no background, no detail in anything, and it wasn't really worth watching or making.

Completely worthless

This flash had no point in existing. The little bit of voice acting was terrible, the concept was awful, there was no real background or sound, and you decided to use stick figures that couldn't even move. The best part was probably the pokeball, since at least it was drawn okay. This is pretty much one of those flashes where you need to start over from scratch to make it good.

That was stupid, real stupid

The new worst movie I've ever seen on Newgrounds, it truly was awful, the idea was terrible and it didn't help that the graphics were just as bad, a guy has sex with a prostitute off-screen then she kills him, that sucked.

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1.38 / 5.00

May 2, 2000
3:10 PM EDT
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