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Bowling Problem

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...from my new shorts collection Random Stupid & Funny Shorts

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I loved it!

It's this random and stupid stuff that gets me laughing every time. I don't care that it's short at all, and it's not meant to make sense (obviously). Overall score: 5/5

Current Score: 2.32 / 5.00 (+ 0.041)

this is different then usual...

normaly the animation needs work but the concept is good.

this is backwards.

the animation itself is good, but i dont get it. some guy standing around gets hit by a random bowling ball in the bowling ballz. so? can you at least explain where the bowling ball came from? is he in a bowling alley? a life size version of mouse trap (the board game) (duh)? how was it sent towards him? a bowler dropped it? or he threw it at him on purpose? im just saying you left to many loose ends on this animation.

it's not bad though, i mean with what you've got... it's actually pretty good. it's enough to score a 6 with ratings and around a 2-3 with the votes (a 2 isn't bad enough to kill this flash so don't say that my ratings are harsh.)


Ok, I'll admit this video made me feel stupid at first.

"He's using Chaoz Fantasy? Seriously? Doesn't he know that fifty million other people have used it already? This is going to be such a pointless, retarded cartoon!"

But then it abruptly ended pretty much immediately afterward. Making realize that it's a PARODY of pointless, retarded cartoons. A good one at that.

reymonoFF responds:

First. Beleive it or not, i don't have saw a flash with that song.
Second. They are other 1000 flashes on newgrounds with stupidity as fun, an other 1000 flashes that can make you feel stupid...
I respect your review...