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Please make sure you have the lastest version of flash. Without it this game runs really badly! :)

There's still a long way to go but I thought I'd like to get some feedback on this project at its early stage. Characters are still naked and there is no music.

Use WASD to move and the mouse to aim, click to shoot.
Dont forget, Press S to pick up weapons. You will run out alot so make sure you do that!

There are two game modes:
Kill till you are killed

Avoid the dragon and get to the end of the course.
Use your weapon to propel you in to the air. Try and shoot at the top of your jump. You can't do this level without using that blaster.

Really interested in feedback and again if anyone wants to help out on backgrounds that would be great :)

Game version 0.3

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Glitchy,could not restart but over all good

Nice, but...

Weird glitch: Kill an enemy with a sword and the corpse is huge! Wtf, you should fix that one.


I enjoyed it I look forward to the game!


This game is pretty solid man! so far for it not being completed it is really fun to play. The animation is pretty good. The weapons are a great choice, it would be fun to add a rocket launcher to kill mutiple enemies. Also try adding a restart/options tool bar because once I died i could not seem to restart. Great game so far can't wait for you to polish it up!

Glitchy, but a good start.

I get this is a demo, and you didn't do too much glitch checking, well, that's what this review is for:

For one reason or another, when a person died, he his corpse was completely disproportionate to his original size.

If somebody was doing a death animation (I think) and I died before the animation's over, I start getting bombarded with free points that come infinetly.

Anyways, aside from that, it's a bit slow, but that maybe just me.

Also, nice set of weapons, and nice art style, and best of all, you had a golden gun in there, which just makes you awesome by default.

Can't wait to see the finished product.

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4.21 / 5.00

May 2, 2010
9:27 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other