Enough Plumbers

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Easy Way Out 10 Points

Finish level 19 the easy? way!

Pacifist 25 Points

Finish level 6 without harming a single foe!

King Krusher 50 Points

Finished the game!

Survivalist 100 Points

Don't lose a single plumber on level 8.

Author Comments

A puzzle platformer about clones cloning clones that's totally not a reference to anything.

Move and jump with the arrows, and remember you can reset with space or go back to the level select screen with the arrow in the top-right.

Have fun!


Few things need to be changed.

This game wasn't horrible. But not fun. I got to level 5 and, it wasn't entertaining enough. I think "jump" should be [shift] and not [^]. It makes the game aggravating. Seeing as how it's just a bad version of Mario with bad controls and worse then a game that came out in 1983. TT_TT


it hard and borInG fix it man

Good thought, but lacks performance

The first few levels were entertaining enough, however, as it went on, I could see what the designer was thinking, but it called for such a level of precision that it became an exercise in futility to perform certain actions, rather than there being any trick or puzzle to solve, it was just repeating the same action dozens of times before managing to align perfectly. imperfect collision detection and invisible radius of effect contribute to the unnecessary level of tediousness.


I have a decent gaming computer and this game lags like crazy! :/

eh. . .

I don't know if it was just my computer or not. But it was VERY slow. Which got me pretty paranoid. If it is just the game and not my computer. I suggest not playing this game if you don't like things going slow. But other then that. The game in general was constructed pretty nicely. Pretty much a copy of Mario. But it's still cool. If it was faster then the game would of been a lot better.

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Credits & Info

4.41 / 5.00

May 2, 2010
8:41 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle