Enough Plumbers

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Easy Way Out 10 Points

Finish level 19 the easy? way!

Pacifist 25 Points

Finish level 6 without harming a single foe!

King Krusher 50 Points

Finished the game!

Survivalist 100 Points

Don't lose a single plumber on level 8.

Author Comments

A puzzle platformer about clones cloning clones that's totally not a reference to anything.

Move and jump with the arrows, and remember you can reset with space or go back to the level select screen with the arrow in the top-right.

Have fun!




i dont like these type of games..

...but i have to say it was very creative! even though i do not enjoy this game (sorry) i think it has a nice appeal...and excluding the Mario reference, (what mario game?) even if this game starred some kind of dingy wombat, it reminds me of an early gameboy/ nintendo game. the music choice was perfect, and really helps complete the nostalgia package.

the only real problem i experienced (which was probably my computers fault) was the speed variance. i would be semi-slow mo, lose a guy and jump into greasy fast normal speed.

and then i wonder ... why is Mr plumber blue? After all, i played several levels and my backgrounds were all very similar colors to my main character....kind of like a camo thing... and then i thought about it and said well... red and green and yellow are taken.. i think waluigi is purple? white is too much like the fire flower original mario.... orange would look like wario anyways... so i guess you didnt have much option. i don't know .

nice game overall tho . (*waits for people to tag this review as useless*)

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Pretty brilliant, actually.

I began playing expecting an absolutely bland, blatant Mario rip-off that brought nothing new to the table. Instead, it was an interesting thought-provoking Mario rip-o-...err, parody...that brought an ASSLOAD of new to the table.

If Nintendo makes this the premise of their newest Mario game, first and foremost I'll be pissed because I saw it on NG first, but also I would be shocked, because the premise by itself is kind of dark for a kids game. Think about all the lives that were lost just to get to that flag...or that poor unfortunate fool left to rot at the bottom of that pit just to open up a switch...The mental scarring on a child's perspective on the futility of life for a clone could last for ages...

...But to hell with the kids! This game is actually a lot of fun! It may not be 100% original, but I sure as hell haven't played a game like it. Some of it reminds me of Lemmings, which I loved the hell out of when I was a kid, and it also reminded me of...err...what's it called, played it all the time as a kid..."Super Maliable Brothers?" I forget, it wasn't that big of a game anyway...but the inverted mushrooms, the Willy-Wonka soda pop feature, the concrete suit...the powerups are all very intriguing! That, and the trial-and-error the player has to go through always somehow leads to a satisfying end once the stage is complete...I guess it's that cheerful "Yahoo!" as the Plumber Clone flies by.

...which....wait a minute....could any one of those little guys just up and fly whenever they want to? That would kind of make the game pointless and all of those lost lives unjustified. I guess we'll just ignore the superpowered elephant in the room and keep going with this review. lol

While only a couple of medals, I don't think it really needs any more than that. The criteria of each isn't too horribly demanding, but a dedicated gamer could sit down, beat this with 100% completion and move on. That could hurt it's replay-value which could also reflect on it's...ohh I'll cut the bullshit....this game was fun! I had a blast! It looked great! Sounds great! Played great-great-GRATE-great-gret-gloop-gr eat.

If you were to work on a sequel, that would be pretty baller. Voted 5! Thanks for the entertainment!

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Very fun game! Really original, made me think of Braid with multiple people runnin about. Job well done man!!!

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most creative game ive ever seen on ng

i think the title speaks by itself

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4.41 / 5.00

May 2, 2010
8:41 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle