Enough Plumbers

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Easy Way Out 10 Points

Finish level 19 the easy? way!

Pacifist 25 Points

Finish level 6 without harming a single foe!

King Krusher 50 Points

Finished the game!

Survivalist 100 Points

Don't lose a single plumber on level 8.

Author Comments

A puzzle platformer about clones cloning clones that's totally not a reference to anything.

Move and jump with the arrows, and remember you can reset with space or go back to the level select screen with the arrow in the top-right.

Have fun!


This game is not easy.

This game is great, I got all the medals, it is HARD beating level 8 without losing a plumber, the easy way on level 19 is hard also, to those who don't know how to beat King Krusher you need to put as much plumbers as you can on the bottom, his fireballs freeze the plumbers so just let him hit some but not all of them.

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Great Game if Anyone DOES Know How To the that Weird Tringle Fire Ball One Its REALLY Hard! 1000000.0000000000.0000000000.0000000 0000.00000000 out of 10!

Need Help

What exactly do I have to do to beat King Krusher?
And what is the "easy way" on level 19?
On King Krusher do I need enough clones to sink the platform or what?
On the easy way I've tried everything that involves going throught the fireballs, didn't work. :-/

Two things.

1) this game is 10!

2): ""beat"
by: panoniafox
date: February 5, 2011

i cant beat level5" ??

wow man, lv 5 is easy, only pick the first coin and wait the clone fall.
after that make the clone pick the gas drink
pick another gas drink with the another coin clone fly to the final coin and win =)

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Add a map editor to this game in your update, so everyone get another UNLIMITED great game!

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Credits & Info

4.41 / 5.00

May 2, 2010
8:41 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle