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Legacy of Gasoline Man

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So it's finally done... after hours of thinking and hardcore procrastination, I managed to spit up a new movie. I experimented a lot of things here such as, actual story, photoshoped picture at the loading screen, more animated movement... which sort of makes the music choice appropriate, lol.

You might of heard this song from H*R before.

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Hahaha funny and awesome

someplaceelse responds:

Thanks. :)

Well done again.

In terms of quality, this is your best film to date by far.

The beginning was very well done. It set the stage for everything else that followed, and you were clever about how you animated it too. Example: The scientist says "If I play my cards right...", and you show him holding actual cards. Little things like that can work wonders. The music you chose fit perfectly as well.

The plot was very easy to follow. I didn't even need to watch this twice to understand what what going on. You tend to make your plots somewhat surreal, but sometimes that makes it difficult for your audience to follow. This was the perfect combination. It's a bit of a silly plot, but it makes sense, and it's easy to follow. And that ending? Fantastic.

My only complaint is with how you connected your first scene and the final scene. You used newspaper flashes to summarize large chunks of the plot, and it left me feeling like something was missing. As some other people have suggested, you could have shown some part of gasoline man's murderous rampage. You probably could have done something humourous there. Or you could have shown how the scientist rose to prominence. Or you could have had a scene showing how the scientist was arrested.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I felt that the movie was too short. There were several places where you could have added scenes, but chose not to. A movie that's too short is better than a movie that's too long, mind you. I just think that you missed out on a few opportunities to make this movie better than it already is, that's all.

Don't let that get you down though. As I said, this is the best film you've made so far. Just look at the scores you're getting. Keep it up - you're very close to hitting that 3.50 mark.

someplaceelse responds:

Thanks, I'll remember that.


I think u have got some tallent mate!
Music was awesome to!

someplaceelse responds:

Haha! Thanks, the music is called "Experimental Film" remade by Songs to Wear pants to, original by They Might be Giants


you should make a sequel of boner man and at the end when he is dead he gets a boner

someplaceelse responds:

Lol, well that is certainly something I could do. ^_^


it was really good, maybe u could make a second one were you show his rampage.
BTW what did u write on those newspapers i tried to read it but it was so fast.

someplaceelse responds:

I copied the Wiki articles for Dogs, Antelopes, Rape, Murder, and thievery.

Thanks for reviewing. And I appreciate the Anti-Blam. :)

Credits & Info

4.55 / 5.00

May 2, 2010
3:09 PM EDT

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