this is fred.

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So this is the start to a series of animated shorts starring everybody's favorite purple thing: fred! If you have any suggestions for upcoming episodes, feel free to give me a shout. I am open to almost all ideas and am happy to hear what you think fred should do next. Hope this turns out to be a success!

The music is by TheMonarchProject and is called "Rinky Dink".

Cheers, perry-winkle.

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Nice and simple.

Alright, here goes...
I'm a sucker for nice backgrounds, and crumpled paper just looks plain good. Which is nice.
Your choice of colours could have been done better, purple on cream makes the text really hard to read. Good thing you outlined the character, or I wouldn't have been able to see it very well.

The animation is a bit stiff, but then again I guess that was the idea...

I could complain about the fact that it has no bleedin' point, but since you said it was the beginning of a series, I'm going to let that one slip for now (but if you keep doing stuff with no point, I will hunt you down and slit your throat :D).

Suggested improvements:
One thing that would improve this pretty much (I think) is to make the character have that cartoonish feel, you know, when the contours squiggle a bit as if the animator didn't draw every frame exactly the same?
Another would be increased saturation. I like the colour scheme you're going for, just saturate it a bit more. Not too much, though.

In conclusion, I look forward to seeing more, as long as you develop it a bit.


perry-winkle responds:

Great points, and good critique. I agree with your comment regarding the font. I have some pretty crazy handwriting, and on top of the color scheme, it's difficult to read. I'll for sure tweek the color orientation for the text along with the filter in comparison with the character.

I was actually debating with myself before the whole project began about making fred's outlines squiggle a bit. But when I did a bit of a test run, it didn't look as good as the solid outlines. But I definitely think I should make fred a little cartoonier and less stiff (ie. when he bounces around, make his bodily structure shift and change a bit more).

And don't worry, as I progress and become more experienced in this "flash" stuff, the storyline will become a little more interesting and crazy. My throat should be safe after the next episode in the series.

Anyway, thanks for the comments and suggestions. All of your ideas are great, I like it when viewers get in to this much detail and really explain how I can improve. Look out for the next one!

Cheers, perry-winkle.


this is epic....short but epic

cool i like it

u should make him fight a monkey

perry-winkle responds:

Well... I'll try to make it happen...


Really good movie i dont know about the other guy up there says but thats his opinion not mine. there were some flaws like the voice overs that sucked and i could not see the writing. it was to bright. it is going to be a good series if you keep on making these animations you never actually finished one of your projects you have awesome ideas but never actually finish it. If you need help animating which you probley dont because your really good but ill give you ideas. well i thought it was a good start though.

Short, Simple and Funny!

Not much too it, but very amusing.

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4.17 / 5.00

May 2, 2010
2:41 PM EDT