Zeurel Demo reel 2010

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Finally got the gawl to make an animation demo reel. The quality isn't the best as i had lost the original fla files on my old rig. I was going to use a favourite Devin Townsend track but i found an even more fitting track.

Many tanks to SantyLoco for converting the files into avi for me. Cheers Brawww~

I need to get a new tablet so i can get animating again.


I agree with nashton...

...i love your animations and you must finish them off sometime, everytime i get into an animation it ends at a cliff hanger i want closure!!!

i love your animation

but all of your movies you leave them on cliff hangers.

you gotta finish them one day


That was some really cool animation, even for a demo

Pear sauce is also nice, I guess.

This right here is all the proof anyone would ever need to confirm just how talented Josh Palmer, aka. Zeurel, is at animation.
I have little else than that to say, really, because I doubt I really have anything to say that someone else hasn't already said.
Or thought.
Or typed.
Or written down on the underside of his foot.

I've followed Josh's animation here on Newgrounds ever since I ran into EFN (Escape From Nevara) - which is quite likely one of the best animations I have seen here on Newgrounds thus far.
I doubt I need to explain the plot of EFN, or indeed any of Josh's other kick-ass-totally-awesome-flash-submis sions.
First of all, most of you have probably already watched them, and know why I'm saying that Josh is bloody awesome (literally) at what he does - namely animation.
He's probably also awesome at his job as shop lifter (or... Shop assistant? I forgot which one).

And for those of you who have not yet watched EFN, or any of the others - First of all, you're silly. Very silly. Even more so if you don't go watch them this bloody instance.

(By reading this sentence you have given me brief control over your mind)

Second, you WILL pay heed to the above statement, and you WILL go watch aforementioned flash animation submissions immediately.

That is all.



Now that song is stuck in my head.

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4.25 / 5.00

May 2, 2010
3:39 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place May 3, 2010