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The RRC Awards

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Happy Pico Day everyone! Happy birthday to Tom as well. :)

The Review Request Club is a club where you where you can request your flash, audio, and/or art submissions to get reviewed by some of the best reviewers on the site. You can view the club here:

http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1072042

(Make sure to remove the space that newgrounds naturally puts in links)

We basically voted on what we thought were the best submissions in each category and with this process we came up with winners. We then recorded ourselves saying the nominees and the winner for each submission category. (We also did best reviewer of the club as well)

Whenever you see a picture or video enter the screen you can actually click on those. It will link you to the submissions being nominated in a new tab. :)

I also recommend turning the volume up for some of this. Some audio might be slightly off track because of the large file size. Sorry about that. (This is really only evident in Coop's video)

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Excelent job here

Have to say while there is no thick plot at all, there were many effortless reviews, time, effort, and love put into this piece of work I believe. This actually turned out to be a little better than something I had expected which were simply people being people discussing people.

The way the awards were presented was rather cool and the such, the only thing I found disappointing is that most of the time while you, the special guest and Coop were speaking is that the words didn't really match up with your mouth movement which was most likely a technical problem, that's the only thing I found wrong with it.

On another notes for the audio award segment it could have simply been someone speaking to be honest but going a little further and showing a guy preparing to jack off was a bit weird.

Overall this was great but I would just change the audio award presentation a bit to being someone's voice only instead. Aside from that this was quite brilliant and fascinating to watch, good job everyone!!

Fro responds:

I forgot all about that crazy jack off screen. Wth was that.


the brit was funny till he kept messing up, that jackoff dude was wtf are you serious moment, but he saved himself by continuing to film and continuing to drop lotion in his hand. it was ridiculous. ridicule is funny. the ninja at the end was awesome too, but other than that, i didn't find it very entertaining. maybe i'm just desensitized to innocent humor, but then again, im a firm believer in the root of all comedy being tragedy...

Fro responds:

The ninja you can find in my movie, The Movie Movie.

Thanks for the review.

Congradulations everybody!

I do not know much about you guys, but I am sure you all did a good job as I have played and looked at some of your stuff (with all my reviews it was inevitable). It is also nice to see what you guys really look like. This deserves its high rating even if it does not the most views. I am in fact interested in what it would mean to become a "best reviewer". I am one of the most prolific reviewers on this website, so I would like to join this if that is a requirement. Reviewing has always been fun for me and it is great we have a club for it.

Fro responds:

It's the best reviewer of the club.

You review a lot (don't take offense to this) your reviews really don't match up to some of our members.


Finally, the RRC Awards is Here!! I'm soooo excited!! WHOOO.

the movies were simply hilarious... The first one was the better, I laughed my ass off when you said: ''Why Don't you OPENNNNNNN??", it was soooooo funny... Also, I liked the Coop's one, but who the hell is Toshkint? I only wanna say that he was funny... lol

Also, the winners were the right ones, I liked all of them, specially the best reviewer, SuperSteph, he's an awesome reviewer, probably the best of NG, also, I liked the best song, it was awesome, also, congrats, Fro, you were the winner of this year... (mass voting, huh??)

I laughed a lot with this, you guys made an awesome job, and... I'm a co-author!! YAY!!!! Thanks guys... Keep it up!! Woot!

(Review Request Club)

Fro responds:

Ha, thanks bud

eh it was ok

it was ok i like flash more then when some one just grabs a camera -_-

Fro responds:

Just grabs a camera? You don't know good productions my good sir.