Ness and a Random Storm

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I couldn't find a .GIF with a transparent background, so that's why theres no picture. Ok people, I have finally made a flash that isn't total crap. It may be short, but it isn't as bad as my flash called Luigi Gets Massive 2! That was total crap. Ok, so just enjoy this flash and I will try to respond to the reviews.



really slow text is annoying. the jokes, if any, weren't funny. backgrounds are needed. plotless. actually, plot isnt always necessary but this was just random and it was executed wrongly.

DarthVader456 responds:

My very first flash had text faster than a speeding bullet but I think I messed up when I tried to make it not that fast. You know what, I think I'll just go and get a microphone so I can just do voices.

nice try....

well the guy below me is right every sprite flash *needs* a bg you cant get very far without one... and how bout posting something that i wont fall asleep on honestly this was really boring and un-interesting so try and write something out first... the picture it in ur head then do it alot of the pros...such as shortfactor write out their stuff and do quite abit of planning
maybe next time buddy

DarthVader456 responds:

I agree, but when I was trying to find EarthBound sprites all the building sprites were signs and stuff... and the same sign over and over would get annoying.

do this

-get a background
-better dialogue
-more characters
-more action

DarthVader456 responds:

Yeah, as I said before I think I'll just go and buy a mic so I can do voices and so the text won't bee to slow or too fast because there won't be any.

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2.18 / 5.00

May 1, 2010
12:02 AM EDT
Comedy - Original