Tankmen Rpg (preview!)

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(Edit: I am trying to fix the size border problem)

It's a preview not the real game, look and see what it will roughly look like, but it still has TONS more work, so if you see something you don't like, it WILL be fixed by next game.

Auughh... I typed up about a page description here.. but hit refresh and ruined it, and I REALLY don't want to retype it...

Anyways, most info is on movies load screen...

if you have an comments or questions, I will reply to most of them.

all I will summarize that I lost before is TONS of new features such as 2 game engines, MANY bosses, big story, upgrades, and much more!

If you noticed the submit and fan fair buttons here what they do...

Submit- Create different type of flashes and earn certain points, such as spam points for spam flashes and etc. Also some act as spells and buffs

Fan fair- Uses those points to create famous flash characters such as pico, p-bot, charlie the unicorn (yes), and others to help you in the heat of battle.

Again sorry I am to lazy to retype everything, but I hope you enjoy, special thanks to F4c3Fuck3r for music, DiamondHengeStudios for helping me program it in the future (check out his rpgs!), and mindchamber because I used that ground he made for my tank to ride on, the ground is his work.


~Soul, Peace `N` Chicken Grease~



why dident you just make the game insted of making a demo?seriosly why?

Snipper64 responds:

Because I was not ready for pico game for game demo, and far from ready with opening cut scene (which tells the story).

I threw that together within 3 hours (I had art down before hand). And had no time for my programmer to program it at all.

Next one will be better polished and coded.

ty for 10 and comment bud.

Can't wait!!

This animation is smooth and the gameplay looks awesome! I hope you can recruit more people in an army,like what it said on 1 of those buttons!!

Snipper64 responds:

YES! thats exactly what will happen (when you play as the captain). You will make different troops depending what type of flash you submit. Say you submit a game sprite flash movie, you will get like 4 "fanboys" in your army. they are not only human shields to protect captain, but also have buffs for the entire army. Spammers are just plain old cannon fodder, and pros increase your most of your captains stats.

Thanks for review!


I think it's a cool idea but needs a lil work, for one, that tank is SO starfox, and next up I hope they're not fighting monsters i mean this is 'tankmen' have them fight like...commies :P

Snipper64 responds:

You will play as both steve and captain. Steve uses the tank and does epic battles in stranded RPG format...

Captain on the other hand will be fighting with a army on foot fighting much more comedic people using the original RPG game engine.

and yeah... I like star fox... but hopefully I'll make more buy able tanks by then.

i want game

i do

Snipper64 responds:

lol ty


The demo itself is kind of a waste of time, I mean you can't even do anything. I am, however, interested in seeing the game when it's completed. Might I suggest that next time you feel you must submit a demo of ANYTHING, you at least have some kind of gadget that the player can mess around with. To be perfectly honest with you though, it's better to just submit the full game when it's ready and ask for advice on the boards when you're developing. Many flash makers I know have a lot more success with that.

THAT said, I think you got a cool idea here. The writing could use a little editing, but obviously you are still working on it so that may change. There isn't much to make reccomendations on other than "cool idea," so instead I will just wish you luck with finishing.

Snipper64 responds:

ty, and I completely understand what you said, but hopefully we will get episode one out sometime relevantly soon..ish...

Also thanks for comment

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Apr 30, 2010
9:55 PM EDT

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