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Tankmen Rpg (preview!)

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Author Comments

(Edit: I am trying to fix the size border problem)

It's a preview not the real game, look and see what it will roughly look like, but it still has TONS more work, so if you see something you don't like, it WILL be fixed by next game.

Auughh... I typed up about a page description here.. but hit refresh and ruined it, and I REALLY don't want to retype it...

Anyways, most info is on movies load screen...

if you have an comments or questions, I will reply to most of them.

all I will summarize that I lost before is TONS of new features such as 2 game engines, MANY bosses, big story, upgrades, and much more!

If you noticed the submit and fan fair buttons here what they do...

Submit- Create different type of flashes and earn certain points, such as spam points for spam flashes and etc. Also some act as spells and buffs

Fan fair- Uses those points to create famous flash characters such as pico, p-bot, charlie the unicorn (yes), and others to help you in the heat of battle.

Again sorry I am to lazy to retype everything, but I hope you enjoy, special thanks to F4c3Fuck3r for music, DiamondHengeStudios for helping me program it in the future (check out his rpgs!), and mindchamber because I used that ground he made for my tank to ride on, the ground is his work.


~Soul, Peace `N` Chicken Grease~



Great Preview it's really great and fits perfectly into place as an actual game preview very nice work on it the quality of animation is great the pace and sense of timing could use some work but the plot was really cool and glad you showed popular characters to add population.

Snipper64 responds:

Thanks for the feed back! Also on a side note, I am making a pretty cool level for the first game now, meaning I am back on the ball working on this because of your wonderful reviews, ty.

Nice start

so 8 out of ten, because i think it's going to be awesome, BUT, get all your lines scripted out, and then before releasing it, go get audio for it from the different people you're looking for, it will give the game a much more polished feel

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Snipper64 responds:

Oh I have so much music lined up for it it is crazy, and each level will match the song.

As for the lines err... It's hard writing lines for Steve and Captain when they are NOT together... they are a comedy duo but by them selves, it is hard to make out. but I will find a way, hopefully.

Thanks again for the tips, liked them alot.


i cant wait to see how this turns out hope to see the full thing on the frontpage

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Snipper64 responds:

Thanks bud, means alot

looks awesome

what's the song

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Snipper64 responds:

One of my favorite authors on newgrounds, F4c3Fuck3r

The thing is he deleted most of his hard rock songs off here because "he wants viewers to see him as the author he is now, and not in the past". I respect his choice, but we lost ALOT of good songs he has made like this one called "When All Is Said And Done"

Thanks again to you and F4c3Fuck3r

It has potential...

It looked like it could be a really good game,the Audio went great with it,and I like how you put part of the story in there,(Sorry about the 9,but I can't just give away 10s,I have to judge carefully.)I also enjoy the cliff hanger you left us at,not even telling us what "they" are,although thats not particulary a bad thing.That line by Steve was what caused me to give it a 9.Some people just post a review without considering all the ups and downs of the movie or game,I try to look at these aspects carefully,therefore determining as accuratly as possible when scoring and reviewing.I look forward to the game,and as far as the graphics went,they weren't REALLY good,but they weren't too bad,plus your only 18.(Sorry for long review.)Like I said,It has great potential...

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Snipper64 responds:

Lmao, I love long reviews, and thanks for the 9! hell not even a working demo, I would be happy with a 7.

You know, I been slacking off on this game, but so many great reviews here I am being pumped back up to finishing this sucker!

As for the "they" I have a idea, but not too sure exactly what the villains all, all I know is they hate newgrounds, or at least the heros... (so maybe a evil NG alliance? bad tankmen + uber Kids + Etc).

A nine from you means alot bud, and thanks again and I am looking forward to any other reviews!

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Credits & Info

2.28 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2010
9:55 PM EDT

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