Tankmen Rpg (preview!)

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(Edit: I am trying to fix the size border problem)

It's a preview not the real game, look and see what it will roughly look like, but it still has TONS more work, so if you see something you don't like, it WILL be fixed by next game.

Auughh... I typed up about a page description here.. but hit refresh and ruined it, and I REALLY don't want to retype it...

Anyways, most info is on movies load screen...

if you have an comments or questions, I will reply to most of them.

all I will summarize that I lost before is TONS of new features such as 2 game engines, MANY bosses, big story, upgrades, and much more!

If you noticed the submit and fan fair buttons here what they do...

Submit- Create different type of flashes and earn certain points, such as spam points for spam flashes and etc. Also some act as spells and buffs

Fan fair- Uses those points to create famous flash characters such as pico, p-bot, charlie the unicorn (yes), and others to help you in the heat of battle.

Again sorry I am to lazy to retype everything, but I hope you enjoy, special thanks to F4c3Fuck3r for music, DiamondHengeStudios for helping me program it in the future (check out his rpgs!), and mindchamber because I used that ground he made for my tank to ride on, the ground is his work.


~Soul, Peace `N` Chicken Grease~


looks kinda cool but

theres ot even gameplay u need to get further along for me to have any idea what its gonna be like its not enough of a demo for me to tell weather or not im gonna like it u could improve graphics though sorry but the animated parts seem poorly pieced together but it seems like a good idea and the layout for now seems good IF u add a lot more too it so far all i can say though is it has a lot of potenial to succed and a lot of potential to fail put a lot of effort into it and take your time u dont want to put togeather a slopy peace of work sorry for the low score but u didnt give me very much to look at and besides it looks like it could be cool not much of a demo now is it

Snipper64 responds:

thanks, but I was sure to call it a preview, not a demo, a demo is a working piece of game play and story, a preview is just to judge the crowds reaction to look and feel (as I am a artist, not the programmer)

but either way thanks


good layout, and at this point thats about all i can say, it looks like it has potential!

Snipper64 responds:

Thanks, lol I am glad people are still viewing this.

Be sure to add the following:

A cock joke. Actually, be sure to add loads of them so the Tank Men feeling stay.

Snipper64 responds:

Yeah, I am trying to even out the seriousness of them with their cryptic and crude humor. But we shall see how many cock (jokes) I can fit in.... lol....


Looks promising, good luck with development and I hope to see it on the front page soon.

Snipper64 responds:

Thanks :D I hope too

What was the point of uploading this???

Uploading your DEMOS is pointless as it is, so why would you even bother uploading ... what the fuck ever you think this is?? And for the love of god, learn how to spell and speak correctly. People might take your shit seriously if you did.

Snipper64 responds:

Also lieber Herr Ich denke, Sie werden über Bord gehen hier, und sie werden ein Schmerz. Just zu beruhigen und einen Atemzug nehmen und geben Sie Ihre Kugeln eine Chance zu fallen. Jeder liebt eine gute Troll, vielleicht eines Tages könnten Sie den Kerl sein

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2.28 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2010
9:55 PM EDT

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