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Tankmen Rpg (preview!)

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(Edit: I am trying to fix the size border problem)

It's a preview not the real game, look and see what it will roughly look like, but it still has TONS more work, so if you see something you don't like, it WILL be fixed by next game.

Auughh... I typed up about a page description here.. but hit refresh and ruined it, and I REALLY don't want to retype it...

Anyways, most info is on movies load screen...

if you have an comments or questions, I will reply to most of them.

all I will summarize that I lost before is TONS of new features such as 2 game engines, MANY bosses, big story, upgrades, and much more!

If you noticed the submit and fan fair buttons here what they do...

Submit- Create different type of flashes and earn certain points, such as spam points for spam flashes and etc. Also some act as spells and buffs

Fan fair- Uses those points to create famous flash characters such as pico, p-bot, charlie the unicorn (yes), and others to help you in the heat of battle.

Again sorry I am to lazy to retype everything, but I hope you enjoy, special thanks to F4c3Fuck3r for music, DiamondHengeStudios for helping me program it in the future (check out his rpgs!), and mindchamber because I used that ground he made for my tank to ride on, the ground is his work.


~Soul, Peace `N` Chicken Grease~

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eh froze mah computer

ok iguess


Looks Great!
Here are some things that i just.. well... like.
1) Dramatic Impact
Instead Of Just Shooting A Big Boss With A Bullet when he is on low health to kill him... Make the bullet hit its wing in SLOOOW MOOTIOON To send it crashing down.
2) Multiple commands
Most people add a few commands like attack gun/punch/grenade
But you should add an aiming system so you could choose were you shoot.
3) Impossibility
Make it so there are Impossible ability's like shooting a bullet just right so it makes a sandstorm due to it spinning or somthing like that.
4) Two Story's
Make 2 People who are both enimys yet on the same team.
So they fight each other but fight the darkness things for the same reasons.
5) Rivalry
Make some other team that is not there friend yet is good
Like rivals
6) Squad and emotions
Make it so that some team members get along and others... not so much.
So firing someones friend could make them quit
7) Other Modes
Make it so there are minigames like riding your motorbike to catch up to the enemy
I Know its a lot but please add it.
Thanks Heaps,

Snipper64 responds:

1. IDK about dramatic, but I am going for epic mainly, pretty similar.

2. lol yeah, alot of commands

3. I got alot of nutty things in it allready

4. BINGO, you nailed this one, this is infact the basis of my story, nice guess. Each different perspective plays different too.

5. This helps, I was thinking about it too.

6. Indeed, will be in it, however he may just fire off his leg.

7. IDK about minigames, but as i said, each different perspective plays in a different rpg style.

Thanks for the constructive review :D does help in many ways.


Looks like this is going to be an eff-ing sweet game.I might give this an 8 when it comes out.
remember,don't rush it.
If you eva feel like getting something done quickly...Remember this.....
taking your time to make it good= not shit
rush+shitty gameplay= HUGE LUMP OF B.S.
oh yeah, and..VOICE ACTING if you can be bothered.
Keep up to good work, man

Snipper64 responds:

yeah I got a voice actor lined up.

This game... I started it 2 years ago... at this point, it will need to be released in parts...

so yeah, no worries, I won't rush this. BTW I check every day for new comments here, so thanks again for leaving them. :D


it looks awesome but would you plz hurry up and make it all ready o and i voted 5 pico and im new to this site to any way the game looks good anyway at the ending you should make the tank men be in a big battle with the aliens and lets see who wins :) lol

Snipper64 responds:

lol yeah.. I been at school practicing flash recently...

Pro- I am alot better now

Con- I have not been working on it because of school

Thanks for the comment... lol I do need to finish this... :P

Sounds nice!

Interesting, I'm looking foward to the real game. GO STEVE GO!

Snipper64 responds:

lol yeah, thanks