Hunting to Piconjo

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Piconjo wait every April 30 for escape ! Go Pico Team !



Yeah, the last part just killed the thriller of the movie. I think it should have been more of a battle. I suppose you were just lazy.

Hulalaoo responds:

next time i go to put marios

Not bad not bad

Animation wasn't bad, it had some good parts and bad parts.

The voice acting was horrible, although piconjo laugh was pretty good, but pico sounded like one of those cartoons for 8 year old kids.

Overall, good effort.

Ending totally ruined it

Awsome graphics

Now this was a pretty good flash especially for the pico day collection for 2010 anyways it was brilliant and entertaining right from the start and gives off abit of everything, this i thought was a pretty good animation and one of my fave of the pico day so nice effort on that one, I also like all the action scenes and there was alot to see so all and all you really put alot of effort from start to finish with lots to see lots to really enjoy, i do however think you should have added much more then that, maybe you could even expand this off into some sorta series with lots of action scenes and lots of great newground characters and all it might be something to really be neat to see, i would like to see something like that, but regardless of all that you did very well on this, i suggest some small fixes maybe like much more content especially more action scenes, maybe some nifty effects to go with the awsome graphics, but other then that i really liked what you have presented here.

Well as explained more content some flashy effects would help

Nice graphics and lots of action scenes


Very very nice...

...but .. the ending kinda sucked for me O.o he just killed him with one shot.

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4.21 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2010
3:45 PM EDT

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