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Insert Coin: Pico N' Me

rated 3.32 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Apr 30, 2010 | 12:36 PM EDT

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Author Comments

UPDATE - v1.1c [12/05/2010]:
- Added secondary control scheme (uses Mouse to aim).
- Increased the skull enemies health (takes about 2.5 direct hits now rather than 1.5).

UPDATE - v1.1b [11/05/2010]:
- Fixed a glitch where sometimes your gun disappears (for real this time).
- Fixed a small error involving the quick tutorial pop-up.

UPDATE - v1.1a [6/05/2010]:
- Fixed a case where sometimes the sound of a Monster Door exploding would loop.
- Modified the way the collision detection is done (if you are still falling through the ground in this update tell me).
- Added a quick tutorial when you start the game (for those people who just go straight into the game without checking the controls).
- Attempted to (and maybe did) fix the problem where sometimes you gun disappears and you can't do anything.
- Made it so once you go into the male/female toilets or the basement closet and go back out the monsters don't respawn.
- Increased the character's friction while on the ground (slide less).

UPDATE - v1.1 [2/05/2010]:
- CHECKPOINT after beating the first boss! (if you die after the 1st boss, you restart in the Cafe).
- Enemies reduced on 1st level (1 less worm & 1 less shooter).
- The worms on the first level now spawn closer to the enemy (forces you to take care of them before the rest of the enemies).
- Message boxes now show at the top of the screen and are slightly more transparent.
- Cakes now heal 2.5 boxes of health rather than just 2.
- The shotgun sound effect volume has been reduced slightly.
- The tables in the cafe no longer absorb bullets (you can not longer land on them either).
- Ground detection on most levels should be increased now (hopefully you won't fall through now).
- You can no longer camp on the left wall during the Pool Boss.
- Gravity has been increased (fall down faster after jump).
- Shotgun spread has been decreased slightly (more accurate from afar).

Have Fun as you blast your way through this short game. Remember, to be able to advance you have to take out all the monster in that room and to stop those respawning enemies from respawning: destroy their 'monster' doors!




Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Found a still rather big bug my friend

I found that when fighting "me" that pico will just stop and nothing you hit will make him move so he will just walk up and chain saw you forever the game doesn't even end. But could be good if that was fixed...


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Too much to fix, but here's how

Let me do the good things first, because the bad is too much.

1. Game looks really good. The game has a great style to it.
2. Auto adjust angle on stairs is a real boon to the game.

Now, to get to the problems. I'm going to be far more helpful than the "ZOMG BURN" posts.

1. Jumping is way too much of a penalty that it really doesn't actually help with maneuverability. The jump is so slow and so hard to predict when he will land and you will gain control that I don't want to jump at all. This leaves me with the option to just stand still. This works for long distance fire.

2. Firing non-stop is great when it works. When you have the opportunity to stay out of firing range and fire non-stop, you're unbeatable.

3. You have to be at range to actually stay alive. Since jumping sucks, and aiming is unpredictable, flanking a portal to get at range is near impossible. Perfect example, the third room (if the bathroom is the second room). The upper spawn point IS impossible to get far enough away to take out, and it's impossible to flank to its left to get at range without taking hits.

When it's impossible to not take hits, and there's so few health packs, the game loses. You can't have more inevitable hit areas than health packs.

All this adds up to the following improvements.

1. Either of the following changes:
- Allow mouse control for aiming.
- Simplify aiming to either fixed straight, up angle, or down angle directions. (3 fixed positions).
- Snap IMMEDIATELY back to center whenever the user moves forward/backward WITHOUT HOLDING up or down. None of this slow adjust to center. You can slow adjust a direction but not center. It's stupid for me to fire at the ceiling for 3 seconds after I kill a flying enemy.

2. Either of the following:
- Speed up jump speed up and down
- Allow more directional control in air.

3. The following:
- Slow down weapon fire rate
- Make weapon do more damage.
- Have RESPAWNING enemies react to the player at SCREEN VISIBLE range instead of line of sight. Single spawn enemies can follow current logic (find the player at any range).

This makes it so the player isn't penalized for trying to avoid damage, but also forces the player to move around and avoid hits, which is the whole point for a platform game. This removes the difficulty from horrible controls to good AI and tactical use of the fire button.

This is why there's a great disparity of comments between the game is easy verses the game is hard.

Because at range the game is cakewalk, and at points the game is impossible if you can't get in a good flanked ranged position.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars


Okay, first off...Not sure what everyone was complaining about. I found the game rather easy, completed it on my second try. Controls weren't great, yes thats true, and for the most part, all you have to do is hold down A continuously. I'm going to compliment the game on its graphics, nice and simple, a fun, artistic - the games a no-brainer and good few a twenty minute session. But it was far too short! You could have done alot more with it, two bosses who were probobly the easiest part of the whole game - needed more, needed more everthing i feel. Anyone, a good job, despite what everyone else says, I enjoyed it while it lasted.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

simple sucks

this game is way to impossible, not cool at all, too less health refills and overall just sucks like hell
a.k.a stop making games


Rated 0 / 5 stars


THE CONTROL SUCKS & STILL TOO MANY BUGS.(man u got to fix this one)