Insert Coin: Pico N' Me

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UPDATE - v1.1c [12/05/2010]:
- Added secondary control scheme (uses Mouse to aim).
- Increased the skull enemies health (takes about 2.5 direct hits now rather than 1.5).

UPDATE - v1.1b [11/05/2010]:
- Fixed a glitch where sometimes your gun disappears (for real this time).
- Fixed a small error involving the quick tutorial pop-up.

UPDATE - v1.1a [6/05/2010]:
- Fixed a case where sometimes the sound of a Monster Door exploding would loop.
- Modified the way the collision detection is done (if you are still falling through the ground in this update tell me).
- Added a quick tutorial when you start the game (for those people who just go straight into the game without checking the controls).
- Attempted to (and maybe did) fix the problem where sometimes you gun disappears and you can't do anything.
- Made it so once you go into the male/female toilets or the basement closet and go back out the monsters don't respawn.
- Increased the character's friction while on the ground (slide less).

UPDATE - v1.1 [2/05/2010]:
- CHECKPOINT after beating the first boss! (if you die after the 1st boss, you restart in the Cafe).
- Enemies reduced on 1st level (1 less worm & 1 less shooter).
- The worms on the first level now spawn closer to the enemy (forces you to take care of them before the rest of the enemies).
- Message boxes now show at the top of the screen and are slightly more transparent.
- Cakes now heal 2.5 boxes of health rather than just 2.
- The shotgun sound effect volume has been reduced slightly.
- The tables in the cafe no longer absorb bullets (you can not longer land on them either).
- Ground detection on most levels should be increased now (hopefully you won't fall through now).
- You can no longer camp on the left wall during the Pool Boss.
- Gravity has been increased (fall down faster after jump).
- Shotgun spread has been decreased slightly (more accurate from afar).

Have Fun as you blast your way through this short game. Remember, to be able to advance you have to take out all the monster in that room and to stop those respawning enemies from respawning: destroy their 'monster' doors!



Awesome game!

Good game!

Torrunt responds:

Awesome and good? Man, i'm on a roll! thanks.

More Glitches

IMPORTANT: Ive discovered a not so very awesome glitch wich coused Pico to run to the left side of the corridor in level one an get invunerable for an endless amount of time. I supose eating a cake coused it cause at the moment i was wondering off screen.

The game it self is not realy bad. The graphics and the art stile are outstanding. Level design is just great. But there are a few thing which i realy didint like.

For instance, the aiming system is just slow and clumsy. It's hard to aim at enemies which are below you or on a higher level of terrain. I think the reason you made it that way was to make the game more difficult though changing it to a mouse based aim would make it just too simple.

The music is very good. Im not in to Techno, D n B or any other type of such music but it fits the pace of the game well. P.S. I just love Paragon's music ^_^.

The verdict is : 9_ _ - nine with two mono rails under it just because of the glitches and slow and clumsy aim...

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Torrunt responds:

Yeah, i had the eating glitch happen to me once but i have no idea what actually causes it, i'll have to have to do some debugging later. The aiming system is not very good but you just gotta learn/make up some techniques for the different levels; in a lot of levels i just jump up repeatedly (to dodge bullets), tap down and shoot which seems to work in a lot of situations.
A lot of the gameplay didn't get tested and manipulated a lot since we were running really low on time, only had 2 weeks to program this whole thing from scratch.

Thanks for the review :D Maybe if enough people complain about the aiming i'll try to make it more smooth and easy.


Not bad, 4/5, especially for the 42 reference!

Really freakin' fun

And really freakin' hard! I like it. Fast paced music with fast paced action combined into smooth run 'n' gun. Excellent Pico Day submission!

I have experienced one bug though: sometimes after I kill the first monster door, Pico starts jumping up and down endlessly and I have to restart the game. It doesn't happen all the time, but I'd thought you'd like to know.

Torrunt responds:

Thanks :D and continuous jumping you say? that's new, i'll take a note of it.

possagle glitch

the game looks fun but as soon as i leave detention pica races off screen adn while i hear him firing when i hit s i don't see bullets and the monsters don't go down.

Torrunt responds:

Weird; I'll look into, thanks.

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3.32 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2010
12:36 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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